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In this new age and era of man buns and beards, Urban Beard is the modern man's one stop for all their facial hair needs. Retailing at a variety of online stores like MenEssentials, Urban Beards handmade products are just one click away! Handmade with love, in little batches, their products are not only organic and vegan but also made with the finest quality Canadian produce. Urban Beard, known for its range of diverse facial hair products, is a Canadian company that sells its handmade beard care products online. Urban beard is not only effective in delivering desired results but also shockingly affordable!

Our Top Picks For Dad This Fathers Day

An average run to the barber is not only a luxury is this ever busy life but with a trim costing an average of $10, with the $14 Urban Beard Beard Comb, your beard will never look shabby again! Offering something for every man looking to charm, Urban Beards products are one of a kind. Some of their most popular products are:

Top Ranked Beard Oils

What better way to nourish your facial hair than to apply a blend of moisture and volume adding oils? Ranging from beard oil to Bay Rum Beard oil, there is something for everyone. Nothing says professional like a perfectly smooth beard. Beard oils come with a tinge of light fragrance, leaving one feeling fresh and relaxed. Classic beard oil; this perfect blend of natural oils with vitamin E, not only tames your wild facial hair but also adds nourishment and moisture to the much-neglected skin underneath.

Grooming Products from

Annoyed by little, uneven, exceptionally long hair sticking of your perfectly combed beard? Unruly and untamed beards make one look shabby and unclean. Urban beard Trimming scissors; fair priced and user-friendly, will save you frequent trips to the hairdresser. Easy to use, with a design that supports extra grip and control, these forever sold out scissors are for every man. Looking clean and professional with a thick beard can sometimes become tedious, the beard brush, beard comb and the trimming scissors, you will save numerous pricey and rather unnecessary trips to the hairdresser.

Other Men Essential Favorites:

Hot selling favorites; such as the nourishing and fragrant moustache wax is my very own go to for my beard styling needs. Not only does $15 quick fix hold one's desired beard style in place but its organic components also add the much-needed nourishment to one's beard.

A range of diverse and must try products include organic and vegan their beard shampoo bar, our facial hair needs as much cleaning and care as the hair on our head and this shampoo bar is not only easy on the skin but also affordable and easily available. Other must-try include beard conditioner and beard butter because what woman doesn't appreciate smooth facial hair instead of little thorns. All of which are absolute crackers of products.

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Men Essentials, an online Canadian company specializing in men's grooming products, is Canada's number one beard grooming line! A go-to for men who prefer using organic products, this company only uses natural products from certified Canadian companies. Vegan, handmade and environmentally friendly, Mens Essentials thrives on the idea of providing top-notch facial hair grooming products at a price that doesn't make your beard hair stick out with shock! is an easy to navigate website that has all the relevant information including a clear, detailed ingredients list. It also includes a list of other certified retailers such as Urban Beard and all Trade Secrets outlets. With online stores like MenEssentials, that house all essentials under one roof, there is no need to visit different stores for basic bare necessities. From leather goods to something as basic as Fragrances, MenEssentials has it all!

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top fathers day gifts