A Gent's Review: Pura Vida Bracelets

A Gentleman's attire believes that Pura Vida Bracelets is truly one-of-a-kind and worthy of your attention. The Pura Vida company began with two San Diegan guys who travelled to Costa Rica, where they found two friends selling colorful bracelets on the street in order to make a living. The guys decided that they represented more than just a cool look themselves, but the Costa Rican lifestyle. They purchased around 400 bracelets to bring back where they sold them in a local store. Since then, Pura Vida bracelets has become extremely popular for more than one reason. Not only are their items unique, but they also create jobs for artisans back in Costa Rica and have other charitable projects connected with their business.

We like what the company represents and the items they have for purchase. Having been to Costa Rica myself, it was nice to see the connection the bracelets had with the country. There are a variety of styles that all internally represent certain ideas, but overall they truly mean pura vida or the pure life. I own a few of their bracelets, and I am satisfied knowing they are helping the artisans over in Costa Rica as well.

Alright, so lets get to the point. We know that bracelets are not every gentleman's thing, but these really are different. Prior to purchasing and beginning to wear some of their bracelets, I never was into the whole guys wearing a bracelet. However, my mind was changed after the Pura Vida bracelets. I dress them up and down which is versatile and perfect for my way of living. Here are two great ways to wear the Pura Vida bracelets.

Beach Casual

The easiest way to wear these is with a simple outfit that you would wear headed to the beach, a barbecue, or for a chill afternoon. I usually pair three different colored ones together and I am good to go. We suggest picking bracelets that complement each other (this isn't hard to do if you're making your selections online), that way you really don't have to think about matching etc. The ones I have are fairly neutral and can go with pretty much anything. That's what great about these bracelets in general...they go with pretty much anything. The bracelets are ideal for outdoor activities because they wear well. They have an unnoticeable durability that makes wearing them in water no big deal.

Business Casual

A lot of the times I like to keep my bracelets on, or simply forget to take them off. Like I said earlier, these bracelets are made to last and can be worn in the shower or in pool or ocean. For work or even a night out, I add a watch to my wrist adjacent to the bracelets. This adds an effortless sophistication to my attire, and makes the look a little different. We suggest either pairing the watch with two or three bracelets. One is a bit awkward and anymore than three can look kind of overdone. A gentleman's Attire thinks this is an easy way to utilize items you'd wear on the weekends throughout the weekdays, dates, and nights out.


Here are some other tips to consider when selecting your bracelets.

-pick colors that fit with the clothes you tend to wear

-choose varying styles of bracelets

-remember you can wear these anytime throughout the year, not during one season

-the men's style guide on their site is helpful in making selections

Pura Vida!

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