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August SprezzaBox

SprezzaBox Review: August 2016

It is that time of the month again! Well, not that time but rather time for the August SprezzaBox to arrive and add a pinch more swagger to my closet. And, right on schedule, I just received my SprezzaBox for August yesterday, August 15th. You know the drill by now: let's see what we got!


What came in this August's Sprezzabox?

  • Knottery turquoise necktie - $55
  • Sprezza white Linen/Cotton Pocket Square - $18
  • Stesso blue striped socks - $12
  • DIY Shoe brush & rag - $10
  • Men's Shoe Club pair of brown laces - $5
  • Bick 1 Leather Cleaner - $5

Cost/Item Breakdown: 6 items for $28, which comes out to $4.67/item.

SprezzaBox Item Breakdown

The theme for August is Shoe Care, which during wedding season, could not have come at a more perfect time. This year seemed especially busy with friends getting married. Between bachelor parties and late night receptions, my dress shoes (among other things... read liver) have gotten pretty beat up. And while shoes are an integral part of a gentleman's attire, they are often a second thought when preparing for the next occasion. Luckily, SpreezaBox knows how to read minds and got me hooked up with the perfect August care-package.

The socks are socks, soft enough and  have enough color to match with my outfit while wearing shorts. The necktie is pretty nice; a high-quality knit and also interesting colors. I'm very partial to turquoise and teal. The pocket square is 45% cotton and 55% linen, meaning that it is a little starchy and prone to wrinkling. But since it's one of the few pocket squares I have that isn't too eccentric, I feel like this will be one that I incorporate more often than most of the other squares.

The shoe care theme is pretty neat, as many of you guys out there still don't know that regularly cleaning your shoes will not only keep them and you looking better, but they'll also help your shoes last longer. I haven't used the cleaner, brush, or rag yet on my own work shoes. The laces are helpful but will definitely need to stick around for a while before I need to use them. I recommend keeping a box or drawer or creating a spot where you keep things like shoelaces, buttons, extra thread and whatnot for your garments and shoes. It definitely comes in help in the long term when a button pops off or one of your laces snap out of nowhere.

Final Thoughts on SprezzaBox

That concludes our Sprezzabox for the month, if you're interested in purchasing it then use this link to save 10% off your order.

Let us know your thoughts on this months box in the comments below. Or let us know about any other subscription services that we should know about!

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