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Beyond the Basics - Modern Wardrobes Need Gadgets

The modern gentleman's wardrobe extends much further than his closet and clothing.  Tech accessories are just as much an integral part of the modern wardrobe as belts or socks. If you are reading this you most likely have the basics covered; stylish watch, iPhone and maybe even a sleek brief case. What we are dialing in today are the tech accessories that add extra swagger to your already dialed in gentleman's attire. We explore a few of the most useful and snazzy products available from our favorite electronics online retailer, FastTech.

What the... Nut?

Leaving your phone behind is never fun. The embarrassing sprint back to the previous bar is tell tail sign of over intoxication and a lost phone. The team at NUT developed a Bluetooth device that sets off an alarm if you travel too far away from your phone. Using a small tracker on the phone and another on your keychain, the Nut lets you know when you travel a preset distance away from your phone.

FastTech Review - Gadgets

How hot are you?

We are not talking about looks, we are talking about temperature! To be at the top of your game you need your health to be at the top of its game! The days of the under tongue thermometer are gone and trick new wrist watch styles taking over. At the first sign of illness you can slap this watch on and keep track of your temperature throughout the day in preparation for cutting out of work. Great additional perk of the watch is instant proof of a high temperature... especially goof for those with bosses that may think you are faking it.

FastTech Review - Thermometers

Best Priced E-Cigaretts at

Look no further for the biggest and best selection of all your e-cig devices, parts and accessories. With over 59,000 e-cigarett products on their website, this is truly the one stop shop for all your vaping needs. You will find liquids, mod kits, and pretty much everything you could possibly think of.

FastTech Review - eCig

Weekend Fun - Excellent Drone Selection

What a better way to forget about work than some fun outdoors with a drone. Sure, it is a stretch from our normal reviews of clothing, accessories and home but they are just too much fun to not included. Find out more by clicking the image below.

FastTech Review - Drones

Before you buy new iPhone Ear Buds...

Hooked on the clean design of iPhone/iPod ear buds that come with your new phone/iPod? Don't go rush to the apple store and drop $20 on a pair... Check out FastTech for $2.71 ear buds that are identical to the Apple ones. Don't belive us? Take a look for your self:

FastTech Review - Ear Buds

Complete Your Wet Bar Decor

A fully stocked wet bar in your pad is only half completed. Dialing in the decor will turn a liquor cabinet into a functioning wet bar for entertaining. Jack Daniels knows how to get the job done in your glass and now on the wall. Hang a few of these vintage signs around the bar and you are ready to host the next pre-party in style.

FastTech Review - Home Decor

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