A Gent's Review: Combat Flip Flops

Combat Flip Flops Review

What is better than kicking off the work boots and slipping into some comfy flip flops? Instantly feeling the weight of the day evaporate with the cool air between your toes! It is a great feeling. Now, pair that with the enjoyment that those flip flops are helping a war-torn country, welp, hard to beat!

combat flip flops

About Combat Flip Flops

Started by US Army Rangers, Combat flip flops was started provide jobs to Afghanistan civilians and help rebuild the war torn country. Each pair of flip flops sold puts a local Afghani girl through secondary school for a day. Furthermore, the flip flops are provide jobs for those that desperately need them. Rather than offering handouts, Combat is building community through jobs that are scarce in the region. Many of the materials used in the making of their products are re-purposed from war time items like land mines and bullet casings.

combat flip flops

Fit, Feel & Final Verdict on Combat Flip Flops

The bright colors and scenery of Maui was complemented by my new pair of Combat "Tuck Tuck" flip flops. On an Island where exotic colors excite the senses, the artfully crafted Combat flip flops fit in perfectly. After just a few months of wearing my 'Tuck Tuck' flip flops, I have already gotten many compliments and benefited from the conversation starting story behind the brand. I am excited to try other styles from Combat as I know they will live up to my high standards of what makes a good flip flop.

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