A Gents Review: Ministry of Supply Review

Product Testing Ministry of Supply Dress Shirt

I like to live in the happy medium between top tier business professional and surf bum. Granted these two professions are at the total opposite side of the wardrobe spectrum, I still feel drawn to both modern tech and whimsical vagabond. On most days I'd choose six year old cargo shorts and a logo from my favorite bar to just about any outfit. But, there is the style conscious voice [girl friends demands] that keeps my wardrobe in check... luckily, this is where Minisitry of Supply comes in! The prints and styles are well received by my better half and the awesome technical aspects of the garments fuels my inner techie.


First look - Aero Dress Shirt

Right away I was drawn to the unique stitch on the shoulders. Rather than a traditional bat wing or horizontal stitch, the Ministry of Suppy Aero shirt had a crescent moon shape. In my modest knowledge of garment creation, I understand the benefit of the bat wing as it contours to the shoulders. The horizontal has always been a very common style as well - although I really am not sure about the benefits other than it was the predecessor to the bat wing. Now, we have this downward facing crescent design that could only be the next evolution to these other construction designs.

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