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A Gent's Review: Moods of Norway

My entire Christmas list... Moods of Norway

Yes, it is that good! I recently had the chance to try out some of the new styles from Moods of Norway (MoN) and I am hooked. I originally blamed by bias towards the brand due to my Norwegian roots. But, after testing the products out for a few days, it became clear that I had just not tried any brand this good before.

Fits the 6' athletic guy perfectly

This may sound silly but it is hard to find good fitting clothing for what is typically considered 'model size'. I am in a constant struggle between size medium and size large. Often, causing me to purchase shirts that are too loose or to tight in different places. I tried the size medium long sleeve Camo Vik slim fit shirt and it fit me like a glove! The arms were not too constrictive on my biceps and there was the perfect amount of taper from the chest to my waist.

Guys - this is the shirt you want to wear on your next date.

Girls - this is the shirt you want your boyfriend to wear on your next date.

Make sense? Now that we covered that, click here to order a Moods of Norwary shirt now!

moods of norway shirts

Still not convinced? Read on...

We have tested lots (and lots, and lots....) of products here at A Gentlemans Attire. As we continue to grow we also are able to get exposed to more and more great brands. Throughout our review process we have been able to refine what we look for in when reviewing a product. This experience allows us to reach back into the company closet of past product reviews and look at each item side by side. Having this extensive inventory from such a large variety of brands gives us an advantage to provide You with the most comprehensive review and opinion.

Tested in Maui - Still Stoked!

When the cooler North Shore winter weather calls for something more than an aloha shirt and shorts, the long sleeve Moods of Norway shirt and ultra-comfy khaki pants are perfect.

moods of norway review


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