Summer 2016 Mizzen+Main review

Heat Testing Mizzen+Main in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mizzen+Main Performs Exceptionally In Hawaii

Why fly 2,500 miles to the middle of the pacific to test a pair of pants and dress shirt? The answer is two part. One, I love Hawaii & always need an excuse to come here and two, Hawaii's hot & humid weather was perfect for testing the moisture wicking and breathability of Mizzen+Main's fabrics. There could be no better proving ground for testing the Montauk dress shirt and Lewis Chino pant in my mind. And the test went exceptionally well, proving my suspicion that the fabrics from Mizzen+Main products would be perfect for the Honolulu young professional.

lewis chino pant

Despite what some of my mainland friends think, Hawaii residents do not live in grass shacks and there is a large (and growing) downtown business scene. Just like many of my fellow mainlanders, I was unaware of bustling business environment that Honolulu has. It is seen as somewhat of a gateway to the asian markets and has caused a recent boom in growth and expansion over the last thirty years. Many more young professionals are moving to Oahu for the island lifestyle and work opportunities. This being said, the old Hawaii word robe is getting a fresh look from mainlanders and locals alike.

Chino Pant

The Modern Lifestyle-Fashion Scene In Honolulu, Hawaii

The active outdoor lifestyle is what the locals live for. Everything from outrigger canoe racing to standup paddle boarding and surfing is a staple for everyday life on the islands. Many of the young professionals are very active in the business community as well as the athletic scene. You will often brush shoulders with professional waterman on the downtown streets of Honolulu only to see them on TV that very weekend winning a canoe race or surfing competition. With this athletically focused crowd there is the necessity to "look the part" of a business professional while on the job. The classic Aloha Shirt and Khakis is the most common dress code but the Aloha Shirt is not a fitted style typically and does nothing for those who spend countless hours staying in shape.

The fitted products from Mizzen+Main have already started to show up around the islands and the athletic young professional crowd is rejoicing. For those looking for that better, more comfortable fitting work attire, check out

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