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New Kid On the Block - MDRN Wear

A Paradigm Shift In Men's Basics

For quite some time boxer shorts were a side thought or a spur of the moment purchase at Costco along with the 20 other things in the cart I felt I needed. The truth is, I never really knew much about underwear. I was told as a child that underwear goes on first, then pants, then shirt. This was about the extent of my underwear knowledge or thought towards it. As a teenager, it was more important to have the coolest tee shirt or shorts or shoes, not the coolest underwear. A recent shift has taken place in men's basics however and products like socks and underwear are gaining the focus of many consumers eyes. Many of the folks in the apparel industry that I speak with attribute this shift to Stance Socks for making socks cool. This makes sense to me as socks are still visible to others.

Back in July of 2014, I did a post about Men's Underwear Innovations and cited that from 2012 to 2013 men's underwear was one of the fastest growing categories of men's wear. This is when I first got interested in what performance underwear could do for me. I have been testing products from top underwear brands for a little over a year now and have a pretty good bead on what makes a good pair. When I was asked to test MDRN wear boxer shorts I jumped on the opportunity to see what a new company could offer the growing underwear market.

MDRN Has Found What Others Were Missing

Some of the boxer companies made their boxers extra long and stretchy so that they sometimes would show under a pair of shorts. Others were too tight in the crotch area and the sides would bunch up around my inner thigh. The team at MDRN Wear has found the happy medium with what I consider to be the best fitting boxer brief thus far. With fabulous fabrics already sourced because of the co-founders connections in the swimwear industry, they were able to spend a majority of their time perfecting the pattern [design] of the boxer short. And it shows. The attention to detail and placement of stitching is remarkable. Using harder to sew curves that solve the problem of bunching up and flat lock stitching, the MDRN boxer short will move the underwear market even further forward.

The Wait For These Boxers is Almost Over!

After testing the boxers by MDRN wear I am sold on them. The team however is still trying to get funding to start the manufacturing process on these shorts. With plenty of their own capital already invested in the design, the MDRN team has set up an Indiegogo campaign to help get the rest. At a modest $10,000 needed to start, the goal is much lower than many of the other companies that I have seen run similar crowd funding campaigns. This is typically an indicator that the company has spent a considerable amount of their own money to make their dream come alive and just needs that last little push to make it happen.

Get involved now by going to their Indiegogo page:
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Watch their video and hear the story:

MDRN Wear Story

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