Perfectly Tailored Spring Pants from Jomers

Well-made and perfectly tailored clothes from the best materials all at a price that is affordable seem almost too good to be true. But when Jomers was launched by Meyer Dagmy, that was his exact intention. To create a menswear line made in New York that went directly to the consumer at a great price. Of course, for Dagmy it has not been easy, but Jomers is aiming to do for men’s clothing what Amazon did for books- provide a product that you are able to find at high end brands for a small fraction of the cost. This was done by slashing their own margins.

Their recent results show that this tactic is working. Jomers’ other previous collections have sold out very quickly. The 2015 Spring collection has launched and it features seasonal fabric from some of the best producers in the world. The items include dyed Japanese twill, Italian herringbones, and English poplins. They are an awesome alternative to the standard cotton dress pant, with a lightweight and comfortable yet durable fit. From a distance they appear to be a well-tailored trouser. But when you get a closer look at them you can notice the signature ripstop grid. Best of all they are extremely comfortable and even better they are less than forty dollars.

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