Review of 98 Coast Av's swim trunks

The Search

Swim trunks can be troublesome to shop for online. I've been in the situation of ordering a pair when I finally found a pattern I liked, only to receive a piece of clothing that is cut from thin and cheap fabric. Obviously this isn't ideal, since I would prefer my shorts to last through a few excursions to the ocean. This prompted me to search for some brands that design and manufacture stylish trunks from high quality material.

Eventually my search brought me to one of the social media handles of 98 Coast Av, a beach oriented brand that actually originated in Mexico. Swim suits are their main offering, but they also sell other clothing and accessories. They offer two different cuts for their trunks; regular and slim fit. I got into contact with them and they were nice enough to send me a pair in each fit to review.

Classic Fit

If I were to describe the overall style of their designs, I'd say they're eccentric and vibrant. The classic pair of trunks I received had a light blue background with an overlapping paisley pattern; the print is called Aqua Gorron.

Classic fit in Aqua Gorron by 98 Coast Av

Classic fit trunks in Aqua Gorron print

This print includes other bright colors like red, green, purple, and yellow when viewed up close. These are the classic fit, so they are a bit looser in the legs than the slim fit and fastened using a string inside the waistband. The ends of the ties have dark metal tips which are nicely weighted and a random little touch that I appreciate.

Close up of Aqua Gorron print

Close up of detail in Aqua Gorron print

Slim Fit

The print on the slim fit trunks is simply called "purple pattern" and also has pink, blue, green, and white incorporated into it. Their slim fit trunks are fastened using button snaps on the front and each side, which allows for a certain amount of fluctuation in weight and size. This is great since I change weight relatively frequently. The snaps also give them a much more sleek look than trunks with strings, but that's just a small aesthetic preference.

Slim fit trunks in purple pattern by 98 Coast Av

Slim fit trunks in purple pattern

98 Coast Av trunks button snaps

The waistband button snaps on one side of my slim fit trunks

 Other notes and details about 98 Coast's trunks

Both trunks and their carrying cases are created using 100% polyester, and this fabric has a soft and smooth feel to it. The material has a sturdy feel to it, and the stitching is well-done. Both pairs of swimsuits are a size large. I'm 6'1 and 166 pounds at the time of these pictures.

One thing to note is that each pair of trunks ships inside a matching carrying pouch. This is another nice touch from the folks at 98 Coast. I've used them to carry my sunglasses, phone, sunscreen, and a couple other things as I wear my trunks to the beach the last few times I've gone.

They each also have netting attached to the inside, which I know for many men can be a nuisance. But to be honest, they weren't very noticeable when I was wearing them. As far as how they felt to wear, I would say they're the most comfortable trunks I've worn. The material feels soft and smooth when dry, but it doesn't soak up that much water, which allows them to air dry in a matter of a few minutes.

98 Coast Av matching carrying case

Carrying case for my slim fit trunks

Close up shot of 98 Coast Av's logo

A detailed shot of the carrying case and the 98 Coast Av logo

Looking through their website, I saw plenty of different prints that I liked. Many of them are similar to the ones I received, interesting patterns and vibrant colors. And then there are some which are a little silly, like this pair below featuring giraffes.

98 Coast giraffes

One of the sillier prints from 98 Coast Av's selection

Most of their shorts retail for $85, while the ones that are on sale are half off. Only $42.49 for a high quality pair of trunks isn't bad at all, if you think that over $80 is too much to spend. I know that I'll be buying another pair of trunks from 98 Coast down the line after getting to see some of theirs in person and wear them.

All-in-all, if you're wondering where to spend your hard-earned money and find swim trunks with dope designs in comfortable, high quality material, then look no further than 98 Coast Av.

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