SprezzaBox Subscription - July 2016 Review

Sprezzabox Subscription Review - July 2016

To continue our monthly review of the Sprezzabox Subscription service, we dig into the July 2016 box today with you! We will continue to keep you informed on our thoughts of Sprezzabox subscription and the goods that you get with each shipment. I'm here to share what came in July 2016's Sprezzabox!

What came in this month's SprezzaBox?

So it comes out to $105 for the value of the box, which is $4.67 an item for the ongoing $28/month subscription. But once again, if the items feel cheap or you won't really use any of them what's the point? I was a fan of the Bryer bracelet and the roller pen. The bracelet has a nice sturdy feel to it and the pen also feels good and decently heavy in my hand and writes smoothly. Socks are socks and another pair are always helpful, I'm wearing them as I type this actually. They're soft and average thickness if that helps any of you. I didn't like the pocket square very much to be honest. It is 100% silk though so it has a soft feel and nice sheen. But I'll probably end up keeping it in a sunglasses case and use it to clean my shades. I don't dislike the tie, it has a very airy and springy/summery feel too it, I'll definitely wear it sometime soon. It's a 50/50 linen and cotton blend and has a slight texture to it (the threading is visible). It feels nice and light in addition to well crafted and long-lasting.

July 2016 SprezzaBox Review

The Word notebook was my favorite item though. I'm a huge proponent of always keeping a notebook on one's person for organization and spur of the moment ideas. So I really appreciated it since I was only a few pages away from finishing the my last handheld.

All in all I was happy with this the box for this month. I'll post the review for the June box in a couple days!

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If you have already have a subscription to SprezzaBox or for a similar service, feel free to share your thoughts or experiences below.

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