SprezzaBox Subscription - June 2016 Review

Overview of Sprezzabox Subscription

There was an issue last month with getting my June Sprezzabox. There was some issues with shipping it and I didn't receive it the first time. But their support was VERY helpful and quick in sending me a replacement. I got to choose a pocket square myself from their site because they ran out of the usual selection that would have been included in the box. So I just received it a yesterday, a week after my July subscription arrived.

What came in the June Sprezzabox?

  • Sprezza Modern Paisley Pocket Square - $18
  • Taft No-Show Socks Navy - $11
  • Dappered Man Cigar Cutter - $15
  • Mosaic Menswear Yellow Gingham Tie - $35
  • Sprezza Fleur de Lys Lapel Pin - $15
  • The Laundress Organic Wash and Stain Bar - $6

The total value of my June box came out to $100, saving you $72 with the $28 ongoing monthly plan ($25/month for a whole year subscription). It comes out to $4.67 per item. But remember, what's the point of getting a lot of cheap useful items if you don't use them at all, or they break when you use them?

Socks are socks, these are low and no-show ankle socks by Taft. The problem is that at the moment, Sprezzabox has no options for different sizing, so most of the accessories are chosen to fit most people. Although these socks fit over my feet, they're a bit too tight and after a while start to irritate my ankles. Can't wear them for more than a few hours and so I can't wear them at all practically. The cigar cutter is a very "neat" (sorry for that adjective) offering in my opinion. Even if I don't smoke cigars often, once or twice a year usually, it'll still be nice on those couple occasions to be able to use this.

The wash and stain bar is a nice touch, I like that they throw these type of grooming/hygiene products in. The bar is useful for on-the-spot treatment of fresh stains and dirt on your clothing. I'm a fan of the fleur de lys pin, and this is definitely one of my favorites. The tie is a nice pattern and has a nice knit texture. The colors are nice and light for summer, so it'll be easy to match to my lighter-toned ensembles.

The best thing about Sprezzabox Subcriptions

My favorite item this month though was definitely the pocket square, mostly because I got to choose it myself. But still, when I opened up my box and saw it for the first time I was a lot more excited than I thought I would be. This makes me want to shop more from the Sprezza online store, and choose some of my own items. The bright orange and blue paisley pattern has an interesting look to it, and I'll definitely be planning plenty of outfits around it. Thanks to how vivid it is, it won't be difficult to incorporate into some summer fits.

All in all, I was very happy with this month's Sprezzabox. So far it's proven to be a very worthy investment and I've been satisfied with each month's delivery.

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