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Review - My First SprezzaBox

There are a lot of men's clothing based subscription services going around lately, and they seem to be getting more and more popular with time. You pay monthly, and they send you a random box full of clothes and/or accessories. Some of them take it a step further and offer you a "stylist" who asks you questions about your style and preferences and sometimes for pictures of examples of your wardrobe. Others don't charge a monthly fee, but instead, you can choose which items you actually like, purchase those, and return the others. I'm sure you've all seen a few ads for one of these services by this point.

Then there's SprezzaBox. They deal specifically in men's accessories and you can choose to subscribe or purchase directly from their online store. It costs $28 for an ongoing monthly subscription, and $300 for a year paid upfront ($25/month). I signed up for an ongoing plan on April 26, and received my first box on Wednesday. Below is a picture and descriptions of the products included.

What is inside the SprezzaBox?

Inside were 7 individually wrapped items:

  • Rade - Red and blue striped knit tie
  • Taft - Pair of navy no show socks
  • Winner's Circle Fashion Co. - Blue and white floral pocket square
  • Weekend Casual - Silver arrow tie clip
  • Brickell - Peppermint no shine lip balm
  • Sprezza - Silver money clip
  • Sprezza - Red woven houndstooth bow tie

So $4 an item, seems like a pretty good deal. Obviously the quality of the items needs to be put under scrutiny though. Because what good are these cheap items if they don't even last a few uses. But then again, you won't like or use every piece in each shipment right? For my box, I'll wear or use everything at some point except the bowtie (I'm just not a fan of bowties at this point). But the truth is, for this price point, I don't want several items that I can use sometimes and feel alright about them. I want even just one or two items that I'm excited to use or wear, maybe a new favorite tie or cufflinks. So let's discuss my box in regards to this criteria. I'm a big fan of the money clip (limiting the amount of money I spend when I go out) and the Rade knit tie. Even though it's a little bold to wear often, I think it's a great looking piece and I'll love wearing it when I do.

The arrow tie clip and floral pocket square are in a different category. Even though I'm not particularly fond of either of them, I'll still wear them once in a while. The Brickell lip balm fits somewhere in this category, even though it's in the middle console of my car currently, I can't really wear it and it doesn't add to my look. But upon looking more into the SprezzaBox store, I saw that there were a few amount of random items like this, such as a wine stopper and pourer, and a corkscrew, a luggage tag, and a shoehorn. I'd definitely appreciate receiving any of those in my next shipment.

SprezzaBox Price Evaluation

Now there's the discount, how much do these items really cost? Well, if you do the math on the SprezzaBox store, the total purchase price of these items would be $107.50 for the original price, $93,50 for the sale prices (the red tie and money clip are on sale). I cross checked the prices of the items in their respective brands stores, and they were all the same. Rade does not have it's own online store yet, and the Brickell lip balm is not present on the SprezzaBox store, only their own. So the valuations were honest,  and their promise of receiving over $100 of merchandise per shipment holds true.

More to come on SprezzaBox reviews

I'm going to continue to review this service for the next 3 - 4 months, and share my experiences with you guys. I'll also post more pics of each individual items with more in depth descriptions. But in the meantime, share your own experiences with SprezzaBox or any other clothing subscription services below!

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