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St. Johns Bay Rum Wants To Help You Get Bay’d

That’s right, Getting Bay’d is the newest slang for 2020... And trust me, you want to be involved.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some epic fragrances from St Johns Bay Rum recently. The crew at St Johns hooked our team up with their best selling West Indian Lime Fragrance.

While I thought I was getting some 80 proof to sip on originally when my editor told me about the brand, I quickly realized Bay Rum is actually a style of fragrance made with Bay Leaf oil. 

west indian lime

My ignorance soaked in further once I found out the brands products have been featured in popular TV shows like MASH and St Johns Bay Rum’s history stretches back over 175 years.

West Indian Lime Fragrance Review

You know that scent that has just the right amount of citrus to it? The one that smells of adventure and sophistication. It is the scent that exudes greatness and class while filling the air with thoughts of tropical beaches. That is St John’s Bay Rum West Indian Lime fragrance.

For far too long I have been using the wrong mainstream scents that make me smell like every other cog out there. Boring colognes like Aqua Di Gio and Davidoff Cool Water have sat in my vanity. These fragrances were great in high school when every guy was trying to get the attention of the opposite sex and needed to mask their puberty oder with fifty sprays of said fragrances. 

Now, we are men and need to hold ourselves to a much higher standard. Its time to ditch the kiddy colognes and step up your game. 

Luckily for us guys, St Johns know what’s up and are helping the un-woke gentleman Get Bay’d this summer.  

The exclusive blend of sparkling citrus notes is the best way to stand out in the crowd this Summer. This is a scent that can be worn all day without being overly offensive in the office like other fragrances. 

bay rum

Going to a happy hour beach party? There is nothing better than Bay Rum to fill the air while sipping tropical beverages and soaking in the ombre pink and yellow sky.

Ready to get bay'd? Shop St Johns Bay Rum for the best fragrances.

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