Vincero Watch Review

Vincero Watch Review

For the last two years I have been writing about, and reviewing, luxury watch brands like Richard Mille, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet. From complex movements to advanced composite material, these brands consistently pushed the limits of what modern watch manufacturing is. They also pushed the limits on the price tag, commanding well above six-figures on many of their popular styles.

The crazy world of luxury watches was a lot to take in. After a few years of dedicated luxury watch research, I decided to take a break from it all and do some traveling. My goal was to take step back and look at the entire watch industry - focusing on major players in the market - not just on the ones competing to out-price one another.

This is when I found Vincero Watches

Traveling Through Maui with my Vincero Watch

In my mind there was no better place to test out my new Vincero watch than on a adventure style vacation across the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The Island of Maui is best known for its five-star resorts, whale watching tours, windsurfing, and big wave surfing. While I didn't get the chance to test the watch at Jaws surf break, I did get plenty of ocean time in with my new time piece.

vincero watch review

The Rogue by Vincero Watches ($239)

The Rogue watch had everything I wanted from a sporty watch. The rubberized band was perfect for going in-and-out of the ocean, and the clasp stayed on great even when paddling around catching waves. My friends and I enjoyed the choreograph feature on this watch while timing each other underwater to see if we could survive the notorious 3-minute hold downs at the big wave surf spot Jaws.

tomdoslandjawspompermayer8280 Better Hope You Get A Full Breath In Before This Beat Down

While we not massive waves like the one above we did score epic fish tacos in the sleepy North Shore beach town of Paia. Sitting along side windsurf world champions, big wave charges, and even getting a Willie Nelson sighting, we sipped cold beer and ate delicious food.

untitled-design-15Driving Through Paia Town

My New Favorite Watch

The Vincero Rogue is by far the best watch in the under $500 category. Its sleek design and modern style make the watch stand out.  While finishing up work at Maui Brewing Company, I took the watch off to snap a photo by my Big Swell IPA. As I was doing this the waiter commented on the watch and was super stoked to find out it was only $239... apparently he thought it was a $50,000+ watch.


Overall I am extremely impressed with what Vincero is doing. In my mind this is exactly what the watch industry needs.

To learn more about Vincero watches, check out there websites here: https://vincerowatches.com

To shop The Rogue watch, click here

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