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As a gentleman's lifestyle and fashion centered website, we needed some help in making our 2017 Mother's Day Gift Guide the best that it could be. For this, we enlisted the help of fashionista/mother Lacey to help review AG Jeans. Read on to hear what she thought...

What We Love About AG

The team at A Gentleman's Attire invited me on board for this special 2017 Mother's Day Gift Guide for my expertise as a mother and fashionista! I have two boys, three and five years old, and constantly juggle activities for them while taking time for my self to be with friends.

This is the first time that I have ever tried AG jeans and I have to say I am very satisfied. The jeans fit true to size and shape to my body perfectly in all of the right places. No awkward gaps or tight stitching had me looking and feeling great. With my AG jeans, I can look my best and I never worry about tearing or ripping when I bend over. The high-quality material and durable design has allowed me to wear my pants time after time with no signs of wear. I tend to be very active and participate in a lot of outdoor activities that normally leave my paints stained and ruined after a few uses. My AG jeans have managed to stand up against the elements and survive for a very long time. Even after all of the fun in the sun, my jeans have maintained their color and I can just as easily wash them for a night out as I can confidently wear them on a hiking trip. Considering I prefer my pants a little on the tighter side, I was surprised to see just how well my jeans maintained their shape after all of the times I had gone and used them. I can’t wait to order other jeans to add to my wardrobe and they have more than enough to pick from!

There were a lot of different pants to choose from and I am glad that I was able to find the color that I was looking for. While I prefer to wear darker jeans because of staining and what not, I have also gone ahead and ordered other pairs of lighter jeans to try out after I was so satisfied with my first. There is a color and style for everyone. While I opted for skinny jeans I imagine the quality is great across the board. Jeans in general are versatile. If you get the right pair they can be semi-formal or causal, a great characteristic which I would have to attribute to AG jeans especially.

While I will admit that these pants especially are a little pricier than I prefer to spend, they are worth the investment. Even a cheaper pair of jeans nowadays costs upwards of $40, and I end up having to replace them several times a year if I end up wearing them regularly. These jeans are expensive because they are worth it. I have yet to match their quality and they are still much more affordable than many other “designer” brands that do not have the quality to match. Out of my experience, these are the best brand on the market that offers the most bang for your buck. I have/ will continue to recommend AG jeans for anyone that’s willing to invest a little bit for a pair of pants that need to survive a rough and tough lifestyle for years to come.

Happy shopping! -Lacey

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About AG

Started in 2010,  AG's history was heavily rooted in premium denim products. It was not until 2008 that the company expanding into a contemporary lifestyle brand. Today, the brand AG can be summed up in three words: Chic. Sophisticated. Classic.

Never taking the easy route, AG vertically integrated manufacturing sets the highest bar in the fashion industry and ensures that all their products are constructed with the best materials, finished perfectly and shipped promptly.

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