Cozy Up with Après Surf Lounge Wear

A leader in luxury performance swim wear, Elle Mer recently launched lounge wear that is equally as luxurious... and Made on Maui! Deeply routed in Hawaii Heritage, the lounge wear collection rounds out the companies brand. Appropriately called, Après Surf (think Après Ski but in Hawaii), the collection features organic fleece fabrics on sweats & henleys and bamboo blends on the tee shirts. Read on to see why we choose Elle Mer's Après Surf lounge wear for this years Best Mothers Day Gifts.

What We Love About Elle Mer

About a month ago, I got my hands on Elle Mer's new Après Surf lounge wear and instantly fell in love. I mean, common, we all love getting cozy in the evenings! Now, I get comfy cozy in the cutest sweats and softest henley that I have ever owned. Reading into Elle Mer I found out that all the Après Surf lounge wear is Made in Maui, which is also where the company is based. The mission at Elle Mer is to produce luxury performance swim & lounge wear for the fashion minded woman. Not cutting any corners, the company sources the finest Italian fabrics for their swimwear and uses premium organic blends for their lounge wear. What I love the most about their brand is the understated elegance of the products. My favorite is the El Capitan Sweat Pant and Sand Spit Henley!

Staff Favorites from Elle Mer

About Elle Mer

Creating timeless essentials for a life in motion

Elle Mer is designed to be worn in the water and lived in on land. We can be found surfing the waters off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands and riding horses upcountry in the cool mountain mist. We seek adventures in our back yard and beyond.

"Inspired by the beauty of the islands and understated style, we have developed bold prints & classic designs that embrace our island heritage."

The perfect marriage of athleticism and romance: seamless construction fits like a dream and banded seams stay on when you need it most. Elle Mer swimwear is made with the finest European fabrics for luxurious comfort during unplanned adventures.

Some of our favorites from Elle Mer