2017 La-Z-Boy Review

Voted Best Mother's Day Gift for 2017

What is better than melting into a comfy sofa with your favorite shows after a long day? Nothing.

The folks at La-Z-Boy have been building the worlds most comfortable chairs, sofas and recliners for years. You may be thinking of that old corduroy lounge chair in your grand-parents living room when you hear La-Z-Boy, think again. New styles and contemporary designs fill their website while staying true to their extremely comfortable roots. Read on to hear more on why we choose La-Z-Boy as the 2017 best Mother's Day Gift.

What We Love About La-Z-Boy for Mom

When it comes to interior design, it is often the case that you are forced to choose between fashion and functionality. The two notoriously have not gone hand and hand. You tend to find something you love that you have to replace a little too soon or you may even just give up and settle for something that doesn’t suit your taste for the sake of having a high-quality piece that will last you a bit longer. Then, if you ever able to find that perfect combination, the piece is way out of budget.

It can be hard to find furniture that is aesthetically pleasing while still maintaining some sort of high quality and durability that will last you for the years without breaking the bank. That is why I have been a longtime fan of La-Z-Boy furniture. I love La-z-Boy furniture, and have had many of my pieces for a considerable amount of time. My furniture has stood the test of time over the course of several years, even after sun exposure and a LOT of use, my products still show limited signs of wear and tear while maintaining the bright and vibrate colors that I fell in love with. With proper maintenance, you don’t have to worry about messy kids (or husbands). They even come with customizable options to make the resistant against stains (which as come in handy on more than one occasion over the years).  La-Z-Boy recliner has stood strong through countless class projects, meals, and even parties. It makes cleaning the house a lot faster and easier and keeps my room looking clean and keeping things put together.

When you aren’t busy cleaning around the house, these are very comfy and spacious for family game and movie nights that everyone will enjoy. I look forward to my La-Z-Boy furniture after a long and tiring day. It is super comfortable and a great way for you and your family to relax after a long and adventurous day doing your own things. My couch holds many memories of Christmas mornings, super bowls, and family game nights.

Although it may seem a bit dramatic, when you are buying furniture, you are buying a part of your memories. You are buying the future forts, snow day movie-nights, and sleepover destinations. My La-Z-By furniture has become a fond part of many of my memories and has will continue to be around for many, many more.

In addition to offering a long-lasting product, La-Z-Boy has a lot of variety. From various different; shapes, materials, colors, sizes, and just a lot of different types of furniture in general, it’s large range of selection allows me to shop the way I want. Even if they don’t have the exact thing I sm looking for, I can personally customize a piece to tailor to my desires.  It gives me the options I need to help me design my room like I want to -and there is a shape, style, and color for every room. The variety is so much so that you can hardly tell all of the products are from the same place!

They have the perfect options for families and will make your life easier. Whether you are looking for a cool addition to the family den or a versatile couch that can make a great pillow fort, there is always something for you. I highly recommend La-Z-Boy furniture to all of my friends and family. The style and high quality speaks for itself and the comfortability is hard to match with any other product (even those that are much more expensive.) With La-Z-Boy, I can have finally have a reliable product without having to sacrifice for style or compromise my budget.

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