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Travis Mathews - A Staff Favorite

Travis Mathew is one of the classiest apparel brands in the US. In a very short span of time, Travis Mathew has climbed up the success graph and it is still soaring. The impressive process in which this young brand has grown is nothing short of spectacular. It is mostly famous for exquisite designs of polo shirts and khaki pants. For those who shop at Travis Mathew for the first time, you will get a discount by signing up for their email list. Don’t think of it as brand for millionaires, it is a brand where you can the best shirts and pants that make you look like a million bucks!

Our Thoughts On Travis Mathews

Ranging from an exquisite variety of polo shirts, button-ups, t-shirts and outerwear to a dainty assortment of bottoms including shorts, pants, chinos and denim, Travis Mathew has proven its mettle in almost every inner/outer wear it has introduced so far. Apart from clothing, this brand also boasts of its explicable taste in designing and manufacturing accessories like hats, belts, luggage bags, socks and towels. This explains why it has become of the most sought-after brands in California. Our wish is to mention the specialty of every single item over here, but we will restrict ourselves to introducing the products we recently tested; Jet Khaki Pants and Bogue Shirt.

Travis Mathews Jet Khaki Pants:

The signature Jet Khaki Pants of Travis Mathew portray style, comfort and elegance simultaneously. The Jet Khaki Pants made by Travis Mathew are a glamorous fit for every shirt which you find at the last minute in your closet. These pants can be worn anywhere and at any time. You can wear this amazing cotton made pants before going to bed. The elegance of this pants is clearly something to show-off at the ball game. If you plan on to go for a meeting and can’t find a sober suit in your wardrobe, the jet khaki pants are always there to make your first amazing and casual impression on your client. Coming in different sizes and several khaki shades, these pants are the best fit for every occasion. The best features of these pants are:

  • Made of tencel or cotton.
  • Swift hand feel.
  • Wrinkle free.
  • Easy to wash and fold.
  • Available in castle rock, black, blue and khak

Travis Mathews Bogue Shirts:

Folks, it’s time to make yourself comfortable even when invited to seminars or parties or wherever you would ever want to be invited. With the Travis Mathew Bogue pocket t-shirts, you can be the charm of the day anywhere you go. These Bogue shirts come in several sizes and designs. Some shirts are printed while other are plain yet the stuff on the plain shirts is awesome enough to give you a dapper look.

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About Travis Mathews


The Travis Mathew is a brand which got up the food chain in a very short time. Started functioning in 2007 with the motto of introducing the best weather-proof attire for men of every department. At golf courses, you can see players flashing their shirts embossed with Travis Mathew monogram on their front pocket side. When it comes to athletes, you can witness charming personalities wearing Travis Mathew’s denim pants on the around town. According to several customers, in the heat of summer when all the rest of the shirts get wet with sweat while Travis Mathews shirts stay dry as a bone. Additionally, the wearer can feel air flowing through his body via the extra cool Travis Mathews shirts.

Some of our favorites from Travis Mathews

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