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Fathers Day Gift Idea:

Cheers to the perfect Fathers Day Gift!

Enjoying having a few cold ones with Dad? Well, I am sure he enjoys it exponentially more and what a better way to keep Dad happy than a Craft Beer Club membership for the two of you to enjoy together. Recently, the AGA team had a chance to review a box of Craft Beer in our first monthly subscription with To start, I must say that there is something magical about getting a box of beer delivered to your door step. Memories of buying my first twelve pack after turning 21 flew threw my mind as I eagerly opened the nicely packaged box. Inside were 3 styles of beer with 4 of each style - the perfect amount to try 1 of each or 4 of 1! Being a pro reviewer I thought it best to start with the 1 of each strategy.

craft beer club

Superb Selection and Quality

I opened the Micro Brew News and cracked open my first Craft Beer Club brewski. While reading up on the news in the beer industry,  I felt more sophisticated as my inner beer sommelier came out. The hints of citra accented the perfectly brewed hops and the 9% ABV of this particular micro brew combined to make the perfect after work beer.

Too Good to be True

Falling in love with the selection of beer I called my friends to get them signed up to the Craft Beer Club for monthly "Tastings" at my house. At $42 for 12 beers and free shipping everyone was in! Plus, another good excuse to drink beer with friends is always a good thing. Ready to sign up? Thought so! Click on the banner below to get up to 3 free gift items with your order.


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