Fathers Day

Father's Day Gifts - Our Top Picks

Father's Day is a celebration honoring father's and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of father's on society.
I literally copied that directly from Wikipedia, but couldn't have said it better myself. Father's Day is a special time when you can take a chance to sit back and think about all the effort your dad has put in to help you get where you are today. Although he will probably care more about you taking some time out of your schedule to just spend the day with him, it's always a good idea to show up with an awesome gift too! Below we've gathered four ideas that we think your dad might appreciate... if he's into dressing well and feeling like a million bucks, that is.

Father's Day Gift 1: The Tie

The Tie Bar Combos

The tie (along with a Best Dad in the World coffee mug) is probably the most quintessential Father's Day gift. And with good cause. Ties are key accessories to bring any look together. Whether your dad is a seasoned lawyer or opting for casual post-retirement, the proper tie can still be a great gift. But, instead of buying a tacky tie that will end up in the bottom of a drawer or the back of his closet, buy something from The Tie Bar instead. With clean and colorful ties, they have one of the best selections at amazing prices. Plus, for Father's Day, they will be offering a free tie organizer with any order over $75. That means you can pick a few awesome ties, maybe choose one of The Tie Bar's recently released belts, and add in some matching socks. You really can't go wrong with the selection and the value here.

Father's Day Gift 2: Underwear... no I'm not kidding


Underwear is not typically something you think of as a cool gift to give someone. But chances are, you haven't heard of Tommy John. Their underwear is literally life changing. I'm not even kidding. I tried my first pair last year and haven't turned back to my old boxers and boxer briefs since. They are super comfortable and are somehow engineered not to ride up like other boxer briefs are prone to do. With basic a nice line up of colors and lengths, you are bound to find a pair that your dad will like. They've recently launched some new clothing types and now have some great basic tees, athletic socks, and dress socks.
If your dad is one that enjoys quality, good looking accessories then you really can't go wrong with some combination from The Tie Bar or Tommy John.

Father's Day Gift 3: Flip Flops

Olukai Flip Flops


With Summer here, its time to spend some more time outside; whether that's at the beach, camping, or just hanging at home BBQing. Chances are your dad has a pair of rubber flip flops that he's been wearing for the past five years and send jolts of pain up his pack if he wears them more than a few hours at a time. Face it, Dad is getting old - we all are - and needs some flip flops that will make his feet feel good. That's where Olukai comes in. Their flip flops are all hand crafted masterpieces. Each pair has an anatomically correct footbed that provides excellent arch support and all-day comfort. Their leather Punono style is my favorite, but if your dad wears his flip flops in the water often, I recommend going with a pair like the Ohana or Kai Kos that have water-resistant leather.

Father's Day Gift 4: Sunglasses



Everyone can use a good pair of timeless sunglasses. I'll make a guess and say that your dad isn't chasing fast fashion trends and buying new shades every couple months. He's got a pair that he's  had sine 2010 and they go everywhere. When picking a pair of sunglasses for your dad, go with a timeless style. Aviators or Wayfarers are good options. If you're going to go that route, then you might as well get them from the company that invented those style: Ray-Ban. Since developing their initial aviator style in the 50's RayBan sunglasses have been a mainstay in peoples wardrobes around the world. While they've expanded their line to include different variations of their classic, I recommend going with a dark brown or black lens rather than one of their more colorful options.

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