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A Gents Review: MDRN - The Best Boxer Briefs

Gentleman tested & approved all day comfort

The crew at MDRN has accomplished the once impossible and the best boxer briefs that we have ever worn. Started by an ambitious entrepreneur whose ventures kept him on the move between Hawaii and California. During these frequent trips, he would battle with uncomfortable restriction and breath-ability during long flights. Knowing there had to be a better solution, he tried many of the leading menswear boxer brands only to run into new problems - the stretchy more conforming boxers were great but got to hot, the breathable cotton boxers didn't have enough stretch and would bunch up. Realizing there was a gap in the market, the team at MDRN got to work...

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Creating the best boxer briefs

Working closely with a factory in California, the team sourced premium fabric made of a blend of breathable cotton and elastine. The cotton provided the cool feel while a percentage of elastine (a stretchy material) blend allowed for the contoured comfort of leading stretchy boxers. The result, a boxer that would move with the body while allowing for ample airlow to the mans most critical areas!

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