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2016 A Gentlemans Attire Gift Guide - Top 7

It's that time of year again, the holidays. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and I've already been seeing Christmas advertisements all over the internet and TV. If you like to get your shopping for other people done early, check out our gift recommendations below. If you're just shopping for yourself, then you're sure to find something you like. And if you're looking for gifts for your friends/significant other, then you can easily find something they'll love here. Ladies, this is your go-to gift guide for the special man if your life.

#1 Mizzen+Main - Button down shirt

mizzen and main buy guide







At A Gentleman's Attire we are committed to helping fellow 'gents find comfortable and stylish styles. This being said, it is only appropriate that we name Mizzen+Main as your number one pick for the 2016 holiday gift guide. The company was started with the goal of making shirts that fit athletic young gentleman. Before long the concept caught on and young athletes all over the country were buying the dress shirts and pants.

We had the chance to review the Montauk Dress shirt and Lewis Chino pant in July and couldn't say enough good things about the brand (read the full review here). For the review, we wanted to put their moisture wicking & breathable fabrics claim to the test so we flew to Honolulu, Hawaii and spent the day running around to see how the products performed. Even in the humid 85 degree weather, the pants and shirt stayed cool and comfortable.

Besides being a great work outfit, the short sleeve shirts are perfect for golf or happy hour with friends. The Mizzen+Main products are a great gift for anyone.

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#2 Onepiece - Original Onesie

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If you have not heard of Onepiece yet than today is your lucky day! Developed by Norwegians, these stylish onesies are the ultimate outfit for getting snuggly this holiday season. Made for both men and women, the jumpsuits come in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

The full length zipper in the front makes for easy entry and the deep side pockets are perfect for packing in snacks on the way to the sofa for movie night. Ultra soft fleece lining on the inside feels like you are being cuddled by a warm cloud. This truly is a necessity item for anyone who like to be comfortable.

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#3 MDRN Wear - All Day Boxer Brief

all day boxer brief

No longer do you have to struggle with boxer shorts that are too tight, too loose, ride up, pinch or scrunch. The 'All Day Boxer Brief' was designed with the active man in mind. MDRN Wear was started by a traveling entrepreneur who couldn't find a pair of boxers that would keep up with his active lifestyle.  We had the chance to test these shorts our earlier in the year and have since pre-ordered many more pairs (read our review here). Whether you are shopping for a loved one or need an easy gift for friends/family, the All Day Boxer Brief by MDRN Wear is a great choice.

Shop all MDRN Wear products by clicking here.

#4 Omega - Black Seamaster Planet Ocean

planet blue watch by omega








To preface this pick and the next sentence, I'll remind you that the modern day first anniversary gift is a clock or time piece. That being said, this is for the newly wed women out there whose anniversary is around the holidays. Choosing a watch or timepiece for your special someone can be hard. Considering lifestyle, favorite color and interests all come into play. I am partial to simple watches and for that have selected the Seamaster Planet Blue by Omega as my top pick for the holidays.

This watch would work great for the guy that loves understated elegance and isn't afraid to dive in and get his hands dirty. The modern gentleman who loves the outdoors as much as working hard is what I see as the best fit for a watch like this. With all of the reviews our team has done, I took a vote on the watch to select and this watch won hands down... hopefully proving that while this is my personal favorite *hint hint*, it is also the favorite of a wide variety of guys age 23 to 30-somethings.

#5 Grenco Science - GPen

grenco gpen snoop dogg








The holiday season can be stressful, thank goodness the guys at Grenco have developed such an innovative portable herbal vaporizer to help us stay mellow. Endorsed by the king of staying mellow, Snoop Dogg, the vape pens offered by Grenco Science make for a great gift item. Made out of the best quality materials, the GPen sets the industry standard on what a portable vape pen should be.

With multiple collaborations that make for stylishly designed pens, it is easy to personalize this gift for the special someone in your life. The Burton X Phil Frost is one of their latest collaborations and is perfect for the ski/snowboard lover. Another classic is the Snoop Dogg collaboration which has stayed one of the most popular designs over the years.

Use this GPen coupon code to save 20% on your order: NEWUSER20

#6 GoRuck - GR2 Backpack

gr2 backpack by goruck








When it comes to backpacks and style there are seemingly endless opinions and options available. I have struggled to find a pack that I can use for everything from stashing a laptop on the way to a coffee shop to traveling across country with it as my carry on. Often the packs have too many extra pockets or fill up in a way where everything slides to the bottom and makes the pack look like a inflated pear. I like simple, easy to use styles that are not over the top. The GoRuck GR2 pack fits this perfectly.

I had the chance to try one out for a week with one of the instructors, whom also is a former Navy SEAL. On my flight to meet up, I packed my cloths, lap top and toiletries all in the bag, releasing me from having to carry on any additional luggage. The pack fit everything well and the full length, U zipper, allowed me to pack everything easily. I wont go into too much more detail about the pack as I have a full length review in the works but I will end with just how functional and durable the backpack is. We spent the week testing the pack by doing everything from packing the suit with Coors Lights to hiking to dirt bike trail rides. Moral of the story, the backpack is well worth the cost and not only looks great but is the last backpack you will ever have to buy.

#7 Allen Edmond - Odenwald Boot

allen edmonds boots








To round out our top 7 this holiday season we decided to end with a 'gents necessity item; a pair of comfortable shoes. We recently had the chance to review some shoes by Allen Edmonds (you can read it here) and were very impressed with style, fit and dapper design. You can read our full review of Allen Edmonds here.

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