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Coffee at Your Fingertips - Gourmesso Review


gournesso review

ATTENTION COFFEE LOVERS! If you have noticed the rise in the popularity of coffee capsules, you are probably wondering what’s so special about them when you can just drink instant or filtered coffee? Legitimate question; however, these little pots of gold have some great benefits…….. keep reading to find out!

What are Coffee Capsules?

A coffee capsule, also known as a coffee pod is a small bio degradable plastic container which holds a single portion of ready to brew ground coffee. With a sealed aluminium cap, you are guaranteed fresh contents. After the capsule has been inserted into the chamber, the machine pierces the capsule and floods boiling water through the ground coffee which then drips into your cup making you a hassle free relaxing drink!

It’s all in the Flavor

Anyone who appreciates good coffee will agree that flavor is key! Coffee beans are roasted and blended to achieve the precise and desired flavor. This is where capsules come in handy; they ensure that you continuously enjoy the same taste.

It is a misconception that ground coffee loses its freshness faster than coffee beans. The truth is, they can both lose their freshness depending on how they are stored. A factory seal will prolong the life of the coffee until it has been broken. Once the seal has been removed, coffee whether ground or beans will start to go stale. Capsules on the other hand remain sealed until the moment you are about to use them. This means that you will get a fresh cup of coffee full of flavor every time you brew one! Thumbs up to that!

Total Simplicity

Coffee capsules guarantee a premium cup of fresh flavorful coffee, but perhaps one of the biggest benefits of coffee capsules is how simple they are to use. No more unscrewing lids, measuring a spoon, or anything else that comes with making a cup of coffee, it’s literally slot and go!

What You Can Expect From us!

So you have made a decision to join the coffee capsule revolution. Congratulations, and welcome to the club! The next step is to set a budget and then invest in a coffee capsule machine. You will then need to find your ideal blend and flavor and this is where we can help you make your decision.

With 26 different blends and flavors whether you are a decaf, or an espresso fan we have got something for everyone. Click on the link and check out what we have to offer. (link)

For the penny pinchers, our coffee capsules start at only $0.45 per capsule. Which means you will save over 30% in comparison to Nespresso capsules with a starting price of $0.65 per capsule. And if you order more than $50.00 of our products, shipping is absolutely free of charge!

Final Thought

Now that you have your coffee machine in your kitchen or office, and you have ordered a stash of our superior quality coffee capsules, making a great cup of coffee becomes quick, easy and even fun. Every machine has a capsule chamber, once you push the button or pull a lever you can put your feet up!

When you wake up in the morning, or you’ve just come home from work the last thing you want to do is stress over making a cup of coffee. This is the main reason why filter or instant coffee is so popular. But with a capsule, you get efficiency, simplicity and premium quality at your finger tips. Click on the link (Coupon Code: ICGR10) and take a look at our website, we have got something to suit everyone’s taste!

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