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Optimize Your Health with HealthTap

Doctors on call with HealthTap

There are times when you may not be feeling well, it’s not necessarily an emergency but you are worried enough to go accident and emergency. After a long wait and a quick examination you are told that you had trapped wind, given a tablet and sent on your way. You can avoid wasting your time by contacting one of the doctors online for an evaluation of your symptoms. With over 107,000 doctors with our network of experts you can easily locate a medical professional who will recommend the best course of action for you to take.

Medication and Procedure Review

You may be due for a medical procedure, or due to start a course of medication but you still have uncertainties about going ahead with it. Our HealthTap doctors will provide you with their candid opinions concerning procedures and medical treatments. Sometimes an inaccurate myth can prevent you from getting the treatment that you need. You will find the right information on the site to assist you in making an intelligent decision.

Providers and Health Systems

If your doctor is a member of HealthTap you can communicate with them through the site. There is a video or text chat option for patients who don’t have to see their doctors physically but need to get some general information. Your doctor can give you your lab tests results, or any other advice that you may require.

Doctors can post their virtual office hours to let their patients know when they are available so that they can easily book an appointment.

Patient Benefits

HealthTap provides you with instant access to highly qualified and trained doctors no matter what location you are in. As long as you have access to the internet through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer, you are just one click away from the information that you need.

Easy access to healthcare information eliminates wait times. There is information available in an extensive resource library that you will have direct access to. If you are not happy with a diagnosis, you can immediately request a second opinion and easily share your health records with doctors in a safe environment.

Patients can choose doctors according to their level of expertise and personal preferences.

Benefits for Doctors using HealthTap

Flexibility: HealthTap eliminates spending the majority of your time couped up in an office. If you are a doctor who likes to travel, you want to spend more time at home with your family, or you want to start a second business our site will provide you with more flexibility to do so.

Revenue: Doctors have reported an increase of as much as 25% in revenue since establishing a virtual office. It provides a wider sphere of patients allowing you to generate more profit.

Better Care: Patients need a physical office visit or an ER visit for serious conditions. But the majority of conditions are not serious. Even with borderline cases, sometimes it can take weeks to secure an office appointment. During the wait, a condition that wasn’t serious can become serious. Wait time for a visit with a virtual doctor is approximately 10 minutes. This allows doctors to determine who needs immediate care and who can benefit from an online consultation without them having to leave home. If medicinal treatment is required, the doctor can send an e-script to the patient’s pharmacy.

Final Thoughts on HealthTap

Whether you are a patient or a doctor, if you want to learn more about HealthTap, click her to visit their website.

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