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Cigars - Your 2017 Shopping Guide

Shopping for Cigars Online

Ordering cigars online - better price, better quality.

For years cigars have been the icing on the cake for any celebration; from weddings to birthdays to reunions and much more. During that time they have often been a rushed and sometimes impromptu purchase - resulting in a lesser quality cigar for a higher price. For 2017, it is time to step your game up and embrace the benefits of the digital age that we live in. Your first step in making this transition is to get educated about the stogies you and your friends love to light up during celebrations.

ordering cigars online

What you need to know about ordering cigars online

Aside from saving you money and time, you will get a bigger selection than what can be found at the neighborhood store. Yes, there is something to be said for smelling and holding the cigar prior to purchase but really, how often do we just go by price and cool sounding name. Too many times have I over spent on lesser quality cigars. So from today forward, I aim to rid your cigar purchasing problems by showing you how you can get better quality cigars at a better price.

For todays example, I will guide you through ordering from Famous Smoke has (from what I found so far) the best selection of cigar brands online. The website is very easy to navigate and makes it easy for seasoned cigar smokers to find their favorites. Similarly, the navigation is just as conducive for the occasional smoker to find the right product. I will run you through some of the top questions and provide the answers for which cigar is the best.

Best cigars for a bachelor party

You are the best man and need to live up to the honor bestowed upon you; all the details are set and now you are looking for the little things to make the weekend even more memorable. Cheers to you and the hard work put in so far. We will make finding the perfect cigars easy so you can cross this off the list quickly.

Romeo Y Juliet - House of Capulet Robusto

cigars for bachelor party





This medium strength, robusto shaped cigar makes it way from Honduras to you and your friends late night festivities. The natural color and Ecuadorian wrapper completes the package to bring together a good looking and great tasting cigar. With this Famous Smoke coupon you can save 30% on a box, getting you 20 cigars (better to have more than less) at just $87.99 (originally $126)

Davidoff Escurio Robusto Tubos

premium bachelor party cigars




Looking for a more premium taste and presentation to pair with that beautiful bottom of Blue Label you purchased? Try the Davidoff robusto cigars. This cigar can be smoked on its own or with your favorite adult beverage in hand. Great for an after dinner smoke and pre-game or late night chat with scotch whiskey.

Best cigar for summer

The temperature is raising and so is your eagerness to get out with friends and paint the town red. What better to accompany the evening than some nice cigars. For summer time, I suggest looking at Central America brands where the weather is hot year round and the cigars are rolled to taste great in the hot/humid weather.

Joya de Nicaragua - Joya Red Robusto

best cigars for summer




Having personally spent time in Nicaragua and visiting the local cigar rolling warehouses, I can attest to the passion that goes into each stogie. The high standards that go into leaf selection and quality control on density is truly amazing. Joya de Nicaragua is one of my personal favorites and pairs great with the sweet summer cocktails and warm evenings. Notes of chocolate and leather will excite your taste buds which are quickly soothed by a sip from your fresh mojito.

Best cigar for the holidays

Avo Classic No. 2 by Avo Uvezian

best cigar for the holidays




The holidays are notorious for over consumption of alcohol. Don't throw fuel on a fire with cigar that is too bold and puts you over the top. Instead, try the Avo Classic No. 2 cigars by Avo Uvezian. This mild cigar is full on flavor while helping you maintain that needed holiday buzz. Order a box of twenty for $183.99 and have enough to share with relatives. The Avo Classic No. 2 is approachable enough for a wide range of smokers and tastes fantastic.

Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Coupon Codes

You don't need to over spend on quality cigars. Use one of the great promo codes given to us by our friends at Famous Smoke Shop to save 20% or more on your next cigar purchase.

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