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Door to Door Delivery with Drizly

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The internet has transformed the way consumers shop. Due to the numerous benefits and advantages the number of people who prefer to shop online is increasing rapidly. Everything that you can think of is available online even alcohol. In some states it’s illegal, but in most states it isn’t. Drizly provides alcohol in 28 cities throughout the United States. One of our major benefits is that depending on your location we can deliver alcohol to your door in under an hour! Perfect for those wild all night parties and drinks are about to run out. With the click of a button, you can have the all the alcohol that you need.

Who is Dizly?

Two friends who put their heads together in 2012 and came up with an idea to deliver alcohol right to your door. They have partnered with local liquor stores in your area to provide our customers with a speedy and efficient service that caters to all of your party needs.

What dose Drizly Provide?

Drizly provide a wide range of alcoholic beverages, wine, beer and liquor. They also provide a variety of soft drinks such as coke, lemonade, ginger ale and sparkling water. Additionally, they have a selection of non alcoholic wine, ice and party supplies such as cups, corkscrews and wine stoppers - even provide a selection of snacks including peanuts, chips and hummus.

Benefits of Shopping With Drizly

Beer Button: An exclusive benefit to Drizly customers, the beer button is based on the Amazon Dash Button Hardware. The Wifi network you are connected to will forward your Miller Lite order to Drizly by default. Your Miller Lite order will then get delivered to your door through one of our partners. You can use your beer button in every location that Drizly is available.

Fast Delivery: No more we have run out of alcohol at the party disasters! Depending on your location we can have your order to you within 20-40 minutes. If you don’t need the order on the same day, you can select your day of delivery from the drop down menu during check out.

Gifts: You have the option to send your friends, family members or loved ones their favorite beer, wine or liquor through our site. It’s a simple process, just select the gift option located on the home page and enter their name and address details. Once you have made your purchase, they will receive an email informing them that they will receive a delivery which will also allow them to schedule a date and time most convenient to them. You can also include a note in the gift by writing it in the note option box and we will print it out and ensure that they get it.

Fraud Prevention: You will never have to worry about your name or credit card being used for a transaction. When an order is placed, customers have to show us their identification as well as the credit or debit card that was used to make the purchase. Using our sophisticated smartphone technology a Drizly customer service agent will scan the ID to make sure that it is valid. This information is explicitly stated on the site prior to making an order.

Selection and Price: We provide 1,000 to 3,500 products throughout the stores that we partner with. There is no difference between the prices on our sites and what you would pay instore.

Scope: The only reason why we do not provide services to every city in America is because in some states it is illegal. But wherever it’s legal Drizly will deliver alcohol to your door.

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