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Otterbox - iPhone Cases for your piece of mind

Choosing the right Otterbox iPhone Cases

With how much information is now stored and accessed on phones these days, it makes sense to protect them as well as you can. There are a few main brands out there developing protective cases for mobile phones nowadays but one of the original quality brands is Otterbox. You've most likely heard of them by this point. Started in 1998 out of a garage, they began manufacturing waterproof boxes. Then they began manufacturing ipod cases and cases for mobiles and tablets in the early 2000's. And now, they're one of the largest manufacturers of protective phone cases.

They currently offer up to six different series of phone cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And they also sell cases for models as old as the iPhone 5. They offer slim cases to more heavy duty ones with screen protectors, so they're sure to have you covered whatever your needs are. I know that finding a case that provides adequate protection while not being too bulky can be difficult, but Otterbox has a few options to choose from. You can get their simple rubber Symmetry case which snaps on and off in one piece or a more rugged Defender case which snaps on and offers triple layer protection.

Premium Otterbox iPhone Cases

Or if you want a more premium feeling case, you can opt for their Strada Series Folio case. It's made from premium leather, and the front flap folds back to reveal a slot where you can keep cards or cash. They also offer multiple colors for each case and the ability to build a custom case and choose the colors for some of their series. Add this to the fashion inspired cases they offer from various designers and there are a lot of options to satisfy your tastes.

Top Ranked Otterbox iPhone cases

They released their line of uniVERSE cases in May of 2016. They currently offer these cases for iPhone 6/6s, 6 Plus/s, and 7/7 Plus models. The special feature of these new slim cases is that they feature swappable modules from accessory brands to add functionality to your phone. You can extend your battery life, add lenses to your camera, add a speaker, a credit card reader, extra memory, and more by using the attachable accessories. The uniVERSE system works via a small rail slot in the back of the phone case, which allows the user to slide in the accessories they desire with ease. When there is no module attached, you can cover the back with an accent panel to create a sleek back to your case.

The uniVERSE accessory system is something that I find really exciting. Being able to change modules and swap functionalities for your phone in a matter of a few seconds is a cool concept. Imagine being on a hike and snapping on a camera lens to get higher quality pictures, and when your battery is getting low, just attaching an extra battery pack onto the back. Or clipping your phone onto the vent in your car seamlessly so you can have hands-free use while driving, and then onto your PolarPro Trail Blazer Armband once you get to the gym to start your workout. Or if you run a small business and need to swipe customers cards as well as take inventory with the Manatee Works Stingray Barcode Scanner.

To maximize the safety of your mobile buddy, Otterbox also makes a glass screen protector to keep your screen from shattering. The Alpha glass screen protector is scratch and shatter resistant, so you'll have complete clarity and view your phone's display as it was meant to be seen.

All in all, Otterbox has a wide line of products to satisfy safety standards for your phone and your personal style.

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