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The Best K-Cup Coffee To Excite Your Tastebuds

Coffee Berries Were Once Consumed as Wine?! Yes, Please.

I have wondered why I loved coffee so much until I found out that coffee was once consumed as wine that was made from the pulp of the coffee berry, then it all made sense. Just as I crave a delicious glass of Au Bon Climate Nebbiolo wine after a long days work, the siren calls for coffee in the morning are my motivation to get the day started. The seemingly endless brands and roasts of coffee on the market keep things exciting and allow for new coffee drinking experiences daily. And while the taste and flavors keep me coming back for more, the simple act of making a cup of coffee symbolizes the start of my day. For this, I write about the company who is producing the best k-cup coffee right now.

I Heart Coffee - Anacapa Coffee Company

A Routine Built Around Coffee

For the better part of the last decade my daily work routine has been structured around coffee. Being self employed there is a constant Shakespearian dilemma in my day-to-day life, "to work, or not to work, that is the question". My typical work week in terms of hours is well north of fifty but deciding when to log these hours is a whole new problem. The occasional 3am wake up usually helps pad these numbers as does the all day Sunday working marathon, but there is one common theme during all these shifts and that is coffee.

Whether it is the occasional trip to my local coffee shop, french press or my go-to favorite Keurig K-Cup (Anacapa Coffee) the purpose is all the same, click into work mode and get sh*t done!

Coffee Shop - Anacapa Coffee

The Best Keurig K-Cup Coffee Company

I am loyal to one brand of k-cup coffee and that is Anacapa Coffee. While I love to try all the different varieties of coffee out there, I know what I am getting with Anacapa. Coffee is my metaphoric office manager and for that to work, I need consistency. Being a home office based entrepreneur the more focus, structure and consistency that I can create for my self, the more productive and efficient I will be. After trying a variety of different k-cup brands, I have found that the Anacapa Dark & Bold Roast and the Anacapa House Blend Medium Roast work the best for me. The caffeine level is just right and the flavor is spot on.

Working with Anacapa Coffee

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Best K-Cup Coffee Pick:

Anacapa Coffee Company

My Favorite To-Go Cup:

Hydro Flask 16oz Wide Mouth

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