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Choosing what type of razor to shave with can be a difficult choice. Whether you've used a razor with one blade or three, maybe a straight razor or safety razor, it's safe to say you should test out each style to see if it's right for you. Different types of razors can be more effective at cutting hairs on different parts of your face, like the chin or neck. Some men apply a good amount of pressure with their razors, and others aim for their blade to glide across the surfaces of their face. The Art of Shaving offers all the main styles of razors, and they're sure to have something for you.

Straight Razors

Straight Razors are the most praised by shaving aficionados. Either because they carry the vibes of old school barber shops or because once you get skilled with them, the quality of your shave is unparalleled by the other types of razors. Additionally, how cool does it look when somebody uses a straight razor to give themselves a shave? The Art of Shaving has one made from ram horn, and another from bovine horn, meaning that no two handles will be alike. However, my favorite is the model crafted from Bocote wood. The aesthetic of the wooden handle is simple and pleasing, and it's more of my style than a glossy or chrome handle.

Bocote Wood Straight Razor

Bocote Wood Straight Razor

Safety Razors

Safety razors can be made up with one, two, or three pieces. They are very simple and easy to use, at least in my opinion. They're also easy to clean and change the blades. Art of Shaving offers long and short handle variations, along with a moustache razor that has two different razor widths. I like the look of their Chrome Long Handle Progress Safety Razor. The acrylic bottom handle can be twisted to change between 6 different blade heights, varying the closeness of your shave.

Chrome Long Handle Progress Safety Razor

Chrome Long Handle Progress Safety Razor

3 Blade Razors

The reason that you see razors with multiple blades is because it's supposed to reduce irritation by evenly distributing pressure over more surface area. They have plenty to choose from, along with their Body Razor, which features a rubberized handle for better grip when in the shower. It also has a wider handle that is curved so that you can easily hold it in different positions as you groom the various parts of your body.

5 Blade Razors

Two more blades than 3 blade razors offers the user a smoother and more pleasant shave. Or at least that's what most manufacturers want us to believe. Whether or not there is a difference in the closeness of shaves between 3 and 5 blades will be up to you to decide. More blades also makes it a bit more difficult to navigate the contours of your face like the chin since it is more surface area to control. It's a personal preference after all, so remember, you need to try them out for yourself to see which option is the best for your shave! The Lexington Collection 5 blade razor features a flexball that pivots and moves as you run it across the curves of your face, helping you get a closer shave.

Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

Electric Shavers

The Art of Shaving doesn't make any of their own electric shavers, but they do offer a few from Braun, a top of the line manufacturer in the industry. There's the BT5090 Beard Trimmer, which has 25 different length settings for you to get your facial hair looking precisely how you want it. It's washable under running water, which is convenient.

And remember, if you need a whole shaving setup, then you can build your own set. This includes the razor, stand, brush, and your choice of additional products like razor blades, after-shave balms and more.

Find your perfect razor at The Art of Shaving!

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