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How to find a great scent for summer

How to find a Perfect Scent for Summer

When it comes to the scents you wear, they should not only be a good fit for your person, but they should fit the context of whatever situation you're in. Just as you should wear a different suit to a wedding than you do to work, you should wear a different scent on a date than dinner with the missus' parents. Making sure your scent complements the weather is something that should become second nature when reaching for a spritz.

Difference between the Scents of Spring and Summer

There aren't too many differences between a spring and summer cologne. Scents tend to be divided into warm and cold weather, generally speaking. The only thing I can say that separates spring and summer is that summer colognes are just more appropriate for warmer weather. In that they will be freshER, lightER, etc than spring scents. Nautical elements are also present more frequently in the summertime variations.

How you want your summer-time scent to "feel"

Think about the types of events you frequent in the summer, and what types of feelings they elicit. I hope this doesn't sound too abstract, but you should aim to capture some of those experiences in the scents you wear. For example, some scents remind the wearer of the open ocean, some remind them of the beach, some are reminiscent of tropical fruits, etc.

There are certain common characteristics between summery scents. Such as feeling light, fresh, crisp, clean, and sweet. These more subtle characteristics are perfect for the summer; perfectly mild and intimate during the less hot periods of the day, but refrain from overpowering the nasal passages of nearby folk when it gets to the hottest points.

Elements, scents, and notes to keep a nose out for

Citrus: Such as lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, blood orange, and bergamot are all fantastic notes to wear during warmer months. The fresh and clean feeling that citrus evokes can help you combat the heat and humidity of summer.

Sea notes: Things like sea water, ocean breeze, sand, sea weed. While these might be harder to classify and articulate upon how they smell, they are very noticeable. Most people can sense their presence when they smell the fragrance, and they are undeniably reminiscent of summer.

Flowers: Rose, lavender, geranium, jasmine, any type can be appropriate. Just use discretion because some people can't pull off scents that are very flowery. Many different notes of flowers are subtle, and can smell different than just sweet.

Summer Sents  and what to avoid

You should make sure to steer clear of fragrances that feel musky or heavy. Some musk can be particularly fitting for summer evenings, but it should definitely be lighter and airier than normal. Scents also tend to get "bigger" in the heat, so even the light notes of something like Dolce & Gabbanas Light Blue can seem a bit too strong at hotter times of the day.

Stay tuned and we'll be delivering our picks for the best summer scents later this week!

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