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When it comes to shaving, there are a bunch of different factors that can play into the experience you get. Some people like pre-shave lotions and after-shave balms, and others prefer nothing more than a simple wet shave. But one thing is for certain, you'll never know which is right for you until you try out some of the other options. This is why the services and products that The Art of Shaving offers are incredibly valuable.

Replenishment's Plans

The Art of Shaving has plenty of different products to choose from in their replenishment plans. These plans come with free shipping on every order and the ability to cancel your plan at any moment. You can elect to receive a shipment from every 1 - 6 months. They even grant you the flexibility of being able to edit your plan and change which products get shipped whenever you want. You can get up to a total of 20% off, depending on how many items you include in your plan.

For the replenishment plans, you start by choosing between a plan for clean shaven or facial hair. For clean shaven, you can choose pre-shave gel, after-shave lotion, replacement blades, and shaving cream. For the facial hair options, there is short beard, full beard, and mustache. The items that comprise each replenishment plan vary; beard conditioner, beard wash, blades, facial scrub, after-shave balm, beard oil, and mustache/beard wax.

Shave Consultation Tool

The “shave consultation” tool they offer can be a very helpful service. It works by first submitting about a dozen questions to you. From how often you shave to your shaving rituals (moisturizer, after shave) and the issues that you might have from shaving (ingrown hairs) and your skin type. Then after you finish them it takes you to a page which curates some information and recommended products for you to look over. It can suggest razors, products for shave preparation, moisturizers and more. 

The Art of Shaving Barber Spa

The Barber Spa is the service located at The Art of Shaving brick-and-mortar stores. There are a variety of different services to choose from. There are different types of shaves, hair cuts, and trims. They use The Art of Shaving products and it's a good opportunity for one to learn more about which products would be the most appropriate for them. If you are getting ready for a wedding, you can book the spa for you and your groomsmen to get all cleaned up and proper together.

Grooming and skin care products

If you need to buy some grooming accessories then they have you covered as well. They have combs for your hair and mustaches, travel bags, and a few different brushes. Then there are scissors, nail clippers, bags and other items. Body soap is another product they offer, in five different scents. If you need moisturizer, facial wash, or masks, then The Art of Shaving has got you covered. There's even a skin care kit made up of facial wash, facial scrub, and SPF 15 moisturizer.

The Art of Shaving also has a signature line of colognes available. Sandalwood & Cypress, Vetiver Citron, Green Lavender, Coriander & Cardamom, and Oud Suede. They also have several other fragrances in addition to this signature line, in 100ml and 30ml versions.

Gift Options

If you’re looking for something for somebody else, you can check out their gift ideas section. There are shaving kits (travel, full-size, custom), razors, and other accessories that all types of men would appreciate. If you can't figure out what to get, or the person you're shopping for is picky, then you can always just get a gift card for them to spend how they choose. 

Whatever your shaving needs, The Art of Shaving is sure to have you covered.

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