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STA Travel, now a million dollar travel company, has overcome the same challenges that any other emergent company has to confront during the kick-off years. The company was founded back in 1979 by two friends. Back then, nothing existed for those seeking luxurious and affordable travel adventures. So STA seized the opportunity to offer people a more complete travel experience. The base of its very first office was laid down in Australia and now it has over 2000 employees working in several cities and metropolitans across the globe. STA provides the best travel knowledge to its clients who entrust STA Travel with the job of arranging the best travel adventure for them.


If you are an adventurer and plan to visit every place on Earth before going down into the grave, then STA Travel is the travel company that you've been looking for. They offer one of the best ways to travel the world, whether as their client or an employee. Here are just some of the ways that STA Travel has raised the bar in modern world travel.

They Love Traveling:

Traveling is knowing. This is a maxim that runs through each and every corner of their company. They are avid travelers and they help people plan their own trips, adventures and safaris. Unlike other companies that plan the trips of their clients blindly, without even knowing the details about the places their clients are traveling to, STA Travel provides their clients with detailed travel plans, their safest shopping routes and more.

Also important to note, unlike their competitors they offer discounted tickets for students and youth travelers under the age of 26. This is so important to the college student who needs to watch their budget.


Original Round the World Travelers:

Since 1979, the company has managed to keep a very outstanding profile with respect to hiring their travelers. STA Travel doesn’t advertise in which they don’t believe in. STA Travel only hires real travelers who have actually visited and experienced these places. So, currently it’s the only company with employees that are real, experienced world travelers.

Totally Client Focused:

Despite the fact that STA Travel has reputation of being a successful, multinational firm, their engagement with a client is always personal and local. As a client, you will always feels important and welcome. There is nothing fake about this company. Wherever you travel, you will be welcomed by a friendly and experienced staff.

Best Ways to Save with STA Travel


Here comes the best part about the STA Travel. They have an amazing user experience through their website. Each and every bit of STA Travel information can be found over on their website, including reviews. Basically, their website contains any piece of information you need to plan your next adventure. You can search for anything associated with travel, like the flights, adventure tours, upcoming safari events, etc. Another great feature is, not only can you find the best travel deals, but also you can find some of the best jobs that will take you across the globe. It would be an injustice to not mention the role students play in the company’s foundation. Hundreds of students are registered with STA Travel as part-time travelers. The students are professional and enthusiastic while striving for a client’s satisfaction. Cutting a long story short, if you are planning to spend your vacations on the shores of the Bahamas or if you want to sneak out to Abu Dhabi for an adventurous desert safari, at least now you are aware of a place that can get you from your computer to your destination.

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