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Guide to Garden Parties: What to wear

You get an invite for a garden party and your thoughts go straight to beer pong, corn hole and keg stands… then you remember that you're in your thirties, married, have two children and need to get a proper outfit in order aside from cargo shorts and your favorite teams tee shirt. This article is for you and will be your saving grace for your upcoming event!

It is important to understand why people write garden party on an invitation in the first place. The simple answer; to let the ladies know not to wear high heels or any footwear that will plug it self into the grass. It is also a way of letting guests know that the event will be outdoors and to wear comfortable attire. Now that you have down what a garden party means, lets start from top-to-bottom to ensure your successful appearance.

Hats: While not necessary, the right hat can be an essential part of the garden party ensemble. If you are going to an event in the middle of summer on a hot day, a hat is a great way to keep cool and provide sun protection. It can also complete your outfit and give you that dapper look you are going for. The best choice for garden party hats is something made from straw like Panama or Boater hats.

Jacket: This depends on the weather but is a nice way to complete the outfit even if the weather is slightly warm. A lightweight sport coat paired with slacks is looks polished and is appropriate for an outdoor venue. Go for the light colors and neutrals.

Shirt: You are going to want to stick with a cotton or linen option to pull off the perfect garden party look. Linen is our first choice when throwing together an outfit for your next garden party event. The sleeve length is your call and is usually dependent on the weather the day of the event. We recommend a comfortable undershirt like the Tommy John deep v neck which offers comfort while still letting you keep the top buttons down on your dress shirt.

Pants: The invitation will likely specify dressy or casual garden attire on it. If dressy, go with slacks or if casual, shorts are fine. If no specific attire is stated, use your best judgment and take into account location and weather. Wear what you feel is comfortable for the weather and location. Own whatever you decide on. For a crisp, clean and polished look try; white, beige or madras colors in cotton or linen shorts or slacks. If you have cooler weather or the preference for darker colors try; chocolate brown or navy blue, pair with a lighter colored shirt.

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Shoes: One of our personal favorites are the Sperry Topsiders… This is also the personal favorite about 99.99% of the dapper young male attire. If you are looking to stand out, try loafers of some luxury flip flops. If the party is on the more formal side, skip the flip flops and opt for a closed toe option. You do not need to go as far as Oxfords but a nice pair of loafers or boat shoes will be perfect.

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Now that you got the style down its time to put it in motion. Summer comes and goes quickly so you want to make the most of your appearances at garden party events. We added our personally recommended websites under each category to help you find the perfect outfit. If you want to search more about garden party attire, try looking up, “classic American sportswear”. This is a common genre for the correct attire to wear to garden parties.

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