Ten Habits to Help you Achieve Constant Style Confidence

Have you ever noticed how certain men look so much better in jeans and a t-shirt than other men look in their nicest suit? From head to toe their look appears confident, comfortable, and nonchalant but at the same time on purpose.

What is it that sets these people apart from the rest?

Even a person only somewhat interested in style strives to dress nice with no effort involved. For the scarce few this is natural but for the rest of us it takes a bit of time and work to pull this off. Wouldn’t it just be great if we could copy what we see and have it work out no problem? But the reality is that there is no particular rule for being stylish, such as, “well dressed women always wear this type of shoe” or “well dressed men are always wearing a suit.

There is more to it than that

Fortunately, there are ways that you can achieve this natural style with a few common habits. Here is a list, and advice on how to apply these habits on a daily basis and help you to be the stylish man to strive to be..


 Tip #1 Clean out your closet and invest in some classic pieces.

How do you dress to the T every day of the week? The answer is simple: don’t have any other choice but to do so. If your wardrobe consists of sneakers, t-shirts, and hoodies, then it is guaranteed that is what you will tend to wear each day. If these items are limited to wear only for yard work or painting then your choice will only be to look great or look even better. You can’t lose. You don’t have to always be dressed impeccably, but if you dress well, even at home then you can make a habit of not looking sloppy.


 Tip #2: Don’t impulse buy. Take time to decide on your purchase.

Apart from saving a bit of money and not wasting so much, items that are built to last will give you and undeniable essence of style. Worn in pieces speak for themselves when it comes to where you spend your money. Go for the natural materials. Leather, canvas, denim, and wool all tend to five off a beautiful well-worn look when worn regularly. Any synthetic or faux materials are avoided by stylish men.


Tip #3: Invest in a good pair of weatherproof boots, sturdy raincoat, and an umbrella to be prepared for any kind of weather.

Stylish gentlemen know that a pair of shoes with your toe sticking out the front is not impressive so they embrace the use and wear of practical accessories. Why do you think a nice raincoat and pair of Wellingtons look so fashionable? Those with style made it so by wearing these necessities with no shame. So next time there are a few showers don’t hesitate to grab the umbrella or rain coat.


 Tip #4: Being well-dressed is a habit, as you practice this habit each day, every morning it becomes second nature.

People with a keen style sense are always dressed, even if it’s their day off. They don’t sleep ‘til noon and then do nothing because they haven’t gotten dressed yet. When you are always dressed for the day you will never miss the opportunity to grab a drink with a friend, have a chat with the cute girl at the shop, or speak with a colleague.



Tip #5: For things like suits, outerwear, and shoes stick with the classics and then try to experiment with accessories.

Stylish people are somewhere in between. They are with the current fashion but not quite trendy. They have a classic look without looking too stuffy. Fashion is so quick to change that trying to stay with every current trend will leave you broke and worn out. You shouldn’t look back on photos and be embarrassed about your outfit.



Tip #6: Athletic Wear if for Athletic Activities... Try to only have enough gym clothes for a week of working out.

Gym clothes are meant for the gym and running shoes on the track. Although it’s easy to try and add some other errands to your trip to they gym, you should make a habit of bringing a workout bag with grooming essentials and a spare change of clothes. This way you never have to go anywhere after the gym, still sweaty and encouraging the habit of wearing gym clothes more often than you should.



Tip #7 Dress like yourself, not like a certain celebrity


Those who have style use celebrities to inspire, but never copy blindly. Developing your own personal style is key to being a well dressed person. Spending money are over the place to look like someone else is easy but you will lose yourself and not feel comfortable.


Tip #8 Avoid obvious logos. If you like that label because of the quality and fit, then that is fine, but don't wear labels solely to impress.


Stylish people know certain designers and labels can give you an idea about how it will fit or the quality but satisfaction is not guaranteed. Buying only brand names is also not an option for them. When someone first looks at you they won’t be able to tell what or who you are wearing. A person with true style aims to be different by finding high-end staples, vintage statement pieces and the discount basics.


Tip #9: When ordering off the internet, know your measurement.


Every brand is sized differently. There is so much variation between brands that it will be different every time, so make use of the dressing room and try it on first.


Tip #10:Most important tip of all, but clothes that you can't wait to wear and you feel great wearing, the confidence will follow.


There are two sides to this statement. People with a sense of style take great care and pride is taken with their clothes. The clothes fit properly and are worn with comfort. Stylish people are also comfortable with themselves. They exude confidence. No matter the price or brand or how in style the item of clothing may be if the wearer is conscious of how it looks, it all fails from there.


Confidence is the most important aspect of style. Stylish people dress for how they act and the life they live. Just because they see something in a magazine doesn’t mean that it will be their next purchase.




By applying each of these rules daily and practicing these steps while building your wardrobe, habits will form and your style will be noticed.

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