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Is there room for improvement in your daily shaving experience?

Having a proper shaving kit is something that many men I know overlook. They stick with a simple razor and shaving cream, electing to buy the most economical options from the drugstore along with their other toiletries. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you know how to shave properly and have had years upon years of experience, then chances are that you can make do with whatever somebody hands you. But the people I'm talking about are the ones who tend to have overly dry skin after shaving, the ones who get a lot of nicks and cuts, and the ones who might be having a worse experience than they should be. If you want to consistently have a shave that is cleaner and closer, and you’re on the younger side, then you likely want to get yourself a shaving kit.

What's in a shaving kit?

There are variations between kits in the market, but a shaving kit usually consists of a pre-shave face oil, shaving cream or lather, a brush, and aftershave balm. Using these items in tandem will help you accomplish multiple things. They will prevent irritation that can lead later to unsightly blemishes and cuts. The pre shave oil also helps open up the pores on your face and softens your skin. Using shaving cream with a brush helps to get the hairs to fluff up and separate, making them easier to cut. The cream usually also has moisturizing ingredients that your skin will thank you for. 

Custom shaving sets from The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving even has the option on their site for you to build your own set if you’d like. The first thing you choose if what style of razor you’d like. You can choose a safety razor, straight razor, fusion, and mach 3 (the last two styles named in the manner of Gillette’s models). And within each of these styles there are between 4 and 8 options. The next step is choosing the type of stand you’d like for your razor. Depending on your choice of razor, you’ll have from one to a few options available.

The next step is choosing your brush. There are a few options of badger hair for these and you’re also able to choose from different styles of handles. Maybe a nice rose gold finish or chrome if you want to match it to the fixtures in your bathroom. There’s even options you can have engraved. You can choose between pure, fine, and silvertip for the hair on your brush. The last step is choosing the finishing care products. You can elect for the conventional shaving kit products (pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and aftershave) in one of five different scents. Or you can elect for something different such as body soap, eau de toilette, a hair care bundle, after shave mask, block of alum, or refills for your razor. You can choose as many items as you wish for this category.

Other offers from The Art of Shaving

If this seems excessive for your needs, overwhelming, or you’re just looking for a shaving kit made with premium ingredients to take care of your skin, then you can also browse through the shaving kits category on their site. On this page there are over 60 options to choose from. From different skin care bundles to razors paired with stands to carry-on kits and more, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your needs here.

The Art of Shaving offers five scents for their shaving kits : Lemon, sandalwood, lavender, ocean kelp, and unscented. Offering an unscented kit is a great call because I know some people out there are put off by scents that are overly aromatic, especially ones that are being applied to their faces. Check out their shaving kits via their website along with the rest of their services. They also sell grooming products and they have a wide selection of razors to shop.

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