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Proper Pocket Square Presentation - Ways to fold your pocket square

Pocket squares were once considered an essential part of a man's business attire a few decades ago. Sure the colors and patterns didn't used to be as flashy as they are now, but they were being displayed in pockets all over the place. Then they seemed to be left at home more and more frequently as time went on until they reemerged in the mid 2000's.

If you've been participating in the revival of the pocket square, then you should make sure you're displaying them properly and proudly. Don't be a shlub and just cram it in your pocket after you pick out which one you're wearing for the day. Take a minute, and add a little panache to your outfit by folding your squares with one of these simple techniques.

Ways to fold your pocket squares

1. The Square Fold

Fold the square one time to the width of your jacket pocket. This usually just means one time straight down the middle. Then fold it up grabbing from the bottom, up to around a half inch from the top. This creates a small rectangle. Tuck the bottom edge into your pocket and align it so that a single strip of cloth running along the top of your pocket.

This is a classic look which is fit for the office on a daily basis.

2. The One Point Fold

Position your square like a diamond, and fold the bottom corner to the top, creating a triangle. Fold one side of the triangle over about two thirds of the way. Then fold the other side over to meet the opposite edge. It should look similar to an open envelope.

Arrange it so that the side without the folds faces outwards, then insert it into your pocket. This fold is a bit more in company when used somewhere like a dinner party or office event.

The One-Point Fold

The One-Point Fold

3. The Puff Fold

Now if you do happen to like the messy aesthetic that cramming a pocket square into your jacket gets you, then there are some folds for you.  puff fold is one of them.

Lay your square out flat into a diamond. Pinch the middle of the fabric and pull up, making sure not to do it too tightly (you want a relaxed look remember?). Use the hand which isn't pinching the fabric to pull down and smooth out the pocket square a bit.

Grab the tail end of the fabric and fold it over. Then insert it into your pocket with the pinched part at the top, making sure to insert any excess fabric from the bottom into the pocket. Make minor adjustments to achieve the desired level of poofiness or disorder.

How to do the Puff fold. Courtesy of Real Men Real Style

How to do the Puff fold


These folds each create a slightly different look. The Puff is obviously the most casual. Then the Square fold is a much more consistent type that you can use more frequently. The one point is slightly more formal and flashy, for things like dinner parties and formal work events.

Now you're armed with a couple of ways to properly utilize your pocket squares. So, like I said before.

Don't be a shlub.


Diagrams courtesy of Real Men Real Style

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