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Charge Up 2017 with the HumanCharger

HumanCharger Review

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humancharger review 2017

In this day in age, we are always on the go. Like most other people, I find that I am never well rested. I don’t have enough time to get sleep and I have to be out for long hours at a time. Especially during the darker months where I hardly get any sunlight, I feel like my mood, concentration, and energy levels are low. This can disrupt my focus in class, productivity at work, and even my overall social life. The concept of having the ability to recharge seemed like science fiction -until now.

When I heard about the HumanCharger it seemed too good to be true. Just by putting in a special set of headphones, I can “charge” up my brain and get my energy back. The HumanCharger boasts an ability to fight the winter blues, increase mental alertness, reduce the effects of jet lag, and increase overall mood.

The device was the product was conceptualized 2007 thanks to two ex-Nokia employees. Being comprised of a special pair of earbuds that released UV-Free blue-enriched light through LED earbuds and a compact controller, it resembles a small MP3 player. The whole process is simple, just insert the LED earbuds, turn it on, and keep them in for at least 12 minutes a day. The small design makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go. To the gym, on your commute, or even during travels, the HumanCharger can fit right into your pocket or bag. Using it is virtually no different than when I listen to my playlist on the way to work, it can discretely and simply fit right into your normal routines.

Although HumanCharger may seem too good to be true, science says otherwise

Before investing, a quick search reveals the wonders of and benefits of light therapy. Sunlight activates photoreceptors in/on your body.  Activating these receptors can do wonders for improving your mood and energy levels. See, human cells synchronize their activity with the sun. Like most other life forms on earth, we thrive off of sunlight. We need it to survive and humans specifically have evolved around sun patterns. The circadian rhythms are our ancestors were often directly related to the optimization  daylight exposure.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle has impacted how we do things now. Most people don’t get up with the sunrise and go to sleep at dusk anymore. Nowadays we face lots of time indoors, inconsistent schedules, and long distance travels -all things that take away from quality time with sunlight. Being deprived from light can contribute to a whole variety of symptoms. Mood swings, depression, anxiety, fatigue, carbohydrate cravings, and insomnia are just a few things that you can experience when don’t get enough sunlight. Whether you are a natural introvert or work in an office, your sunlight-deprived lifestyle can manifest itself in these ways and more!

Bright light therapy has been around for a while now

In the 1980s it was a popular treatment for a variety of symptoms. Back then, bright light therapy involved staying in front of a bright light for anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours -sometimes light was administered directly to the eyes which can be very uncomfortable and lead to temporary vision impairment.

At the time, the eyes were the best option for reaching photoreceptors, but between 2008 and 2010 scientists discovered new photoreceptor location. Researchers at the University of Oulu discovered photoreceptor proteins on the surface of the brain, suggesting it had similar photoreceptors to those found on the eyes. Further investigation found that light can reach these receptors from the ear canals -passing right through the tissue of the ear and skull. The founders behind the HumanCharger recognized that this could be the ideal for people to benefit from light therapy techniques.

While the treatment is not new, the convenience of the HumanCharger is new. Instead of sitting through bright light beamed directly to your eyes, all I had to do was sit with earbuds in for at least 12 minutes a day. This produce has many advantages over traditional treatments. It is easily taken on the go and a discrete way to enhance your health without disrupting your routine. This simple swap provides a modern-day solution for a modern lifestyle.

The best part is - the product is completely safe!

The special lights emit no UV rays at all. Many people even report that they regularly use it for longer than the suggesting amount with no problems at all. The entire device is completely safe for anyone to use -the only way it can change you is for the better. Who knew that a simple LED device would be able to help with my insomnia and give me my energy back. I am now working at my full potential, and the results have been apparent in all aspects of my life. This is definitely a life-changing tool I would recommend to anyone that finds their energy levels are lacking.  Overall, the HumanCharger is recommended by 87% of its users -myself included. Why not give it a try?

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