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Sometimes a briefcase or suitcase isn't enough to carry everything you need on a day to day. But looking for a bag that is aesthetically pleasing and won't clash with your work attire can be difficult. It isn't hard to find a bag that can carry all your stuff, but it's quite difficult to find one that looks nice, has the capacity to carry all you need on your daily endeavors, and also the appropriate features and protection for your technology and belongings. I noticed the most difficult criteria to accommodate was finding one that's relatively stylish. Anybody can purchase a large clunky tech backpack (in… let me guess… black?) and haul it to work with them everyday, resembling a middle school child commuting all his oversized textbooks. And anybody can find a smaller more stylish bag that lacks proper protection and adequate space.

I scoured through hundreds of tech backpacks online, looking for even just a couple great recommendations that I could pass on to you, our readers, and help you look more put together in the workspace, while making no sacrifices on the things that really matter. You don't want your meticulously planned outfits to be tainted by the presence of a clunky black mass in your hands, around your shoulder, or on your back, do you?  Then don't let your belongings ruin your look. Instead, shield your possessions with something that makes people turn their heads and turn green with envy.

Booq - Cobra Squeeze
Booq Cobra Squeeze

A surprisingly spacious backpack, the Cobra Squeeze is loaded with pockets, but won't weight you down with unnecessary bulk. It's made from a water repelling fabric to protect your electronics and possessions from the elements (or at least the peskiest element for technology). There's a phone pocket at the top that's lined with a particularly soft lining to protect from scratches. Long lasting zippers made from YKK, a keychain built into one of the side pockets, and mesh on the back to keep you cool are all additional features of the Cobra Squeeze.Booq Cobra front

The dedicated laptop pocket has an elastic strap to secure your computer and prevent it from rattling around too much. Inside the main compartment, there are plenty of different sized pockets to hold different objects, such as books, a stylus, a tablet or Kindle, etc. There is also a mesh net and zipper on the inside of the flap of the main compartment. The lines and curves of this backpack are also very pleasing. The style makes for a more ergonomic look that is almost cutting edge, if it weren't for the old school look of the fabric. The aesthetic of the product is something to be appreciated, not only by the wearer but also by passersby.


BrentHaven ProStyle SlimPackBrenthaven - ProStyle SlimPack

Crafted in a minimalist style, the SlimPack features a High Density Foam Protection System. This foam lines the bottom of the backpack to envelope and protect your laptop and other belongings from suffering damage by setting your bag down or dropping it. It fits up to 15 inch laptops. There's a zipper on the lower backside which contains a water resistant external shell to wrap around your bag when it is rainy or foggy. There's also a "stash" pocket on the back of the SlimPack for your phone, wallet, or other items. Underneath the front flap, there is a microfiber lined phone/gadget pocket, a zip down front organizer, and another zipped  pocket. The laptop zipper opens from the side, so you can insert or retrieve your computer more easily without having to open the front flap.BrentHaven ProStyle SlimPack shell

The SlimPack is probably the most appealing looking backpack that I found during my research. It's sleek, unique, and not overstated. It does a great job balancing new concepts of style with functionality for the wearer.

Speck - Mighty Pack
Mighty Pack hardshell pocket

If you don't think you'll be able to fit all the necessary belongings into the prior two bags, then the Might Pack should be able to handle it. It's made with 3 inch, triple-layered foam base to protect your belongings from impacts. There is a hardshell top pocket on the front lined with incredibly soft faux fur that is perfect for studio sized headphones. It also has a mesh net inside the pocket for cables and smaller accessories. This feature is perfect for me, because I love taking my over the ear headphones to work since earbuds irritate my ears after a couple hours.Mighty Pack main

The laptop sleeve  is padded, will fit up to 15 inch devices, and lies within the main compartment. Inside this compartment there is also slots for a tablet, and two styluses. There is also a pass-through slot for cables and wires between the main compartment and the smaller front compartment to enable charging between devices. There is also a dedicated battery pack pocket on the side for charging your phone while the bag is in use, an incredibly convenient feature. A sunglass stash pocket is included on the straps, and the straps feature quick releases for easy removal.

Reader recommendations and questions

Now that you've seen my favorites, share your own below! Or if you have any questions, feel free to post them as well!

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