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Convenient Convertible Desktops for your Workspace

I provided you all with a couple recommendations for height adjusting desks last month (link to prior article). The long term effects of the sedentary lifestyle forced upon us by the dreadful forces behind the concept of a "9 to 5" are numerous. Not only can sitting for prolonged periods give you a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, poor circulation, bad posture, sore muscles… need I say more? The funny thing though is all of this is easily and completely preventable. Simply switching from sitting to standing every hour and a half or so for a bit will get the blood moving again and keep you burning more calories.

But if full size standing desks are either too expensive, large, or big of a hassle,  then consider buying a convertible desktop. You can attach them to your desk and they can raise the height of your monitor and workstation. You can install and uninstall them in case you need to take it with you or move it to a different desk as well.

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior

Kangaroo JR Pro

The kangaroo pro junior works using a platform which slides up and down a column. It has a mount for your monitor, and if your screen is over 12 pounds you can upgrade it to support more weight. You can also elect for extensions for peripherals such as keyboards and mice as well as different cable management options.

Ready Desk 2.0

Ready Desk

A simple variation of an adjustable desk. It's made with several slots along the length of the frame, so you can choose and switch out the platforms to fit your seating and standing arrangement within seconds. As you can guess, it's the second version of their original Ready Desk.

UnCaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Standing Desk


This is probably my favorite option due to its sleek frame which can easily be folded, packed, and moved. It consists of 3 pieces, the monitor stand, keyboard tray, and mouse tray. The mouse tray attaches to either side of the keyboard tray. The keyboard and monitor/laptop stand function raise and lower via bending metal legs. Starting at only $110, this is definitely a model you should check out if you are in the market for a convertible desk.

What do you guys think about these suggestions? If you have any favorites or different options that you think are better, please leave them in the comments below for our other readers.

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