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Our Favorite Coffee Table Books: Vargic's Curious Maps

Why you need a Coffee Table Book

Give your guests something better to do than check social media the next time they stop by for a bit. Ideally, you can provide them with some culture as well or introduce them to a topic that you find interesting, or at the very least, something to converse about. Having a stack of a few might be a good idea as well, as your better friends are likely to flip through these more often, and a some options would be nice for your friends of friends.

The main purpose of coffee table books is to remain in your living room or sitting area to be flipped through by your guests. Maybe while they are just waiting for a few moments for you to collect your possessions or when more of your friends are over for drinks or some occasion. So it should be your responsibility as a proper host to provide them with something entertaining and visually appealing to look at. And not to mention a whole lot more interesting than your photo albums. Don't push for anything too existential or specific; you want something that can be appealing and appreciated by the highest amount of people, not the one that will show off how "sophisticated" or "deep" you are. They should be mostly visual, such as photograph collections, so that they don't require too much engagement to be entertaining.

Our recommended coffee table book for this issue

Following is the first recommended book that I have found after a few days of looking around. I'm going to continue to update this post once a week with a coffee table book that I think is either interesting, humorous, or particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Geography Themed Coffee Table Book

Vargic's Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping the modern world

Coffee table books

Though it might look a little old fashioned, the concepts behind the maps range from interesting to hilarious. The author/artist behind these visualizations, Martin Vargic displays the world in various ways from a map of literature, to his famous Map of the Internet 1.o, to a map detailing western stereotypes on the world, and one of festivals. Some of the ideas are simple, such as the names of different countries and territories at 1875, 1914, and 1938, and a map displaying the effects of climate change, or one that is color coded to reflect preferences of cats or dogs.

These maps are sure to entertain your guests, but do remember, some of the topics are a little edgy, so I guess it classifies as adult humor. They also fit in a lot of information on some of these maps, therefore the text can be a bit small, but it shouldn't strain your eyes. I think it's funny, interesting, and has a certain antique aesthetic that can be appreciated by all.

I'll post one within the next week so remember to stop back again! Comment below some of your favorites and recommendations for the other readers!

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