Aviator mirrors

Elevate your Apartment's Aesthetic - Nigel Coates designs

Even if you have a large spot in a nice neighborhood with a great view, if you decorate your place poorly, it will take a lot away from the potential impression you can give your visitors. So how do you give your abode the appearance of a mature professional? There are a lot of different ways obviously, starting from the functional furniture such as seating and tables, to the entertaining objects, like a pool table, to the more aesthetic additions, like mirrors, chandeliers, and the like.

This edition, I'd like to highlight a wonderful design and architecture house, by the name of Nigel Coates. In this post I'm going to focus on their more decorative pieces, things that you can put up in a room or on a wall to add some character.

This incredibly ornate ceiling lamp could be a great addition to your place. It has a diameter of almost 2 and a half feet, and magnetic fixings so that the shell can be taken off easily to change the lights or clean it. They come off pretty strong, whichever color you get. The design is a bit captivating. The structures increase in size the higher up they go, which creates a nice effect.

Aviator Mirrors
These mirrors give one the feeling that the wall is staring back at them through a dope pair of shades. Put them up to be used as mirrors should, or just to add some personality to the room of your choice. Maybe even make a face using some other furniture or painting, who knows,  who cares.


The Crocco is available in seven different colors, allowing you to better match the color schemes in your house. There are also 3 sizes to choose from, from 38 - 51 centimeters long. Even a completely randomized order of these lights won't disappoint. They're great for providing ambient light in darker places like hallways. You could also outline some of the structures and decorations in your spot with them. For example, around a painting or around a window.


Butterfly Wall Pattern

Incorporating this wonderful and vibrant pattern into your home would instantly liven up the atmosphere. And thanks to how random the color scheme is, you could make it work with plenty of different themes.



This mess of a lamp will definitely draw the eyes of your visitors as soon as they enter the room. At about two and a half feet in diameter, it comes in gold and white variations, and either will make a powerful statement.

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