Richard Wrightman - Furniture Designer

I came across this designer on the web and found his work worthy of sharing. His work gives off the feel of a simpler time, without all those "rough around the edge" details that we so easily forget when romanticizing the past. (Yes Grandpa, we know it was 15 Cents for a meal back then. I've also heard about small pox, polio, and plenty of other horrible stuff from the past.)

Another little aspect that I appreciate is that a fair amount of his pieces incorporate clever or useful features into very slim and austere designs.

Such as this Tieman Side Table which can be crafted in different woods and finishes.

RWD Tieman side table

Pictured above is a custom version built with an extra drawer. This would fit in well besides a bed or in the office.

And this Hendricks Table

RW Hendricks dining tableRW Hendricks table

The center can be flipped over from the wood finish to an all felt side. That means you can use it for dinner most of the time and for poker/whatever your crew's game of choice is when you bring out the chips.

Their Wyeth Bookcase is one of my favorites.

RW Wyeth Bookcase

This simple design is easy to incorporate into plenty of homes. But it's still unique enough to turn some heads due to the M shape and lack of a back panel.

For the most part their products are simple yet functional. There is a lot of preference for smooth edges, curves, and  simple transitions. Most of the products are available in different materials and finishes and many are available in multiple sizes. Some can even be built to custom dimensions.

Check out his designs for yourself and let us know your favorite designers in the comments.

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