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You put in more than 40 per week. You clock in, make moves, clock out, go home, and make more. You might be an assistant, or an apprentice to somebody in the line of work you’re pursuing. You might be The Man himself in reality, but one thing is for certain, you need a chair which can support the weight of the world that’s placed on your shoulders.

Even if you live a considerably active professional life, chances are that you still sit for several hours throughout the day to work on whatever project is in your lap at the time. Most of the millions of people grinding from 9 to 5 easily spend 6 hours sitting down per day while at work, not to mention the extra hours some of you grind after hours and on weekends. These long days and stressful nights don’t take long to compile into larger concerns like back pain for your health, productivity, and subsequently, wealth.

As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Why spend time hurting physically and having your professional work suffer due to a problem as preventable and solvable as an inadequate work chair? Spend some money to help your current self and your future self.

I’m speaking of hunching, which can lead to more negative effects than resembling Gollum/Smeagol or Quasimodo if you prefer. Being hunched for prolonged periods is that your muscles aren’t built to support the weight of your body like that. This strains them and can also leave you feeling fatigued or that you need a break from work after less time at your station.  Back pain is another very common problem that’s associated with muscle fatigue from bad posture, as well as shoulder and neck pain. These can contribute to thousands upon thousands of hours of pain and reduced productivity that will impede your ability to earn and succeed, but you’ll also pay for it in the long run when trying to relieve your symptoms.

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Due to wide variation in the range of prices ($50 to over $1000) and features, the individual qualities of each specific chair should be inspected by you, the informed consumer. The main thing to think about is whether your chair supports your specific body weight and frame, and if you feel comfortable in it for periods of extended use.

You can choose between a padded seat and one that is mesh. Here are the main differences (generally speaking) for the two

  • Leather/foam chairs last slightly longer than mesh chairs
  • Mesh contours to the shape of your spine more comfortably
  • Padded chairs can overheat due to how thick the material is, and your skin might stick to the surface of leather chairs

Herman Miller is a brand known for its quality chairs. It manufactures the Aeron, an industry leading mesh chair, in millions for companies around the world. It retails for about $1200 new, which is definitely on the more expensive side of the spectrum. While many of you might be finding it hard to justify spending that much on a chair, remember that many people spend more time sitting than sleeping per day. However, you don’t need to shell out a grand to get a satisfyingly comfortable experience, remember, it’s about what fits you. There are plenty of incredibly comfortable chairs out there for $200-400, just make sure that it provides enough support for your needs.

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