Guide to Belts - How to take care of your belts

Earlier this summer, I purchased a new belt for formal and semi-formal purposes. It was a black faux leather belt, but long story short, it only lasted a couple of weeks before it was unusable. This prompted me to create a list of questions for searching for and buying a belt for work.

The last post I discussed how long a belt should last you, and this time I want to tackle the question of how to care for your belts and ensure that your purchases last as long as they can.

Tips to help your belts last longer

First of all, make sure the belt fits. So that means the same size as your pants or one size larger.

Right after you purchase your leather belt, treat it with leather conditioner. Doing this will help repel moisture, dirt, and grime. Squeeze a bit of the conditioner out onto a soft cloth or rag and spread it over both sides of your leather belt. You'll usually need to allow a couple of hours for it to air dry and absorb the conditioner.

Make sure you have more than one belt in your rotation. This is because they need time between wearings just as shoes do, and wearing them repeatedly without a break will cause the material to stretch out or bend much more quickly. So try to have at least two, but having more options to choose from is obviously advantageous. You will also get more usage out of your belts when they have more time in between uses to hang up and breath.

At the end of the day, take your belt out of your pants and hang it up. If you leave it in your waistband then it can cause it to bend and crease.

Keep it away from water. If it does get wet, then blot the moisture away and allow it to air dry. If it gets stained, blot away the stain.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight and high heat can also cause damage to your leather goods. So that's something to keep in mind during summer and when choosing an outfit that might expose your belt to the sun.
If you follow these basic guidelines, it well ensure that your belts last as long as possible and help you get more value out of your purchases.

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