Our Favorite Underwear Brands

It’s an unimpeachable truth: Men need underwear. Anyone who says otherwise is an out of touch commando hipster who tries too hard to be cool. I tell you, there’s nothing cool with a pronounced crotch area whenever you get excited or having ‘frog eyes’ or worse, getting hernia because you let your equipment hang out there, dangling, left to their own devices when doing physically strenuous activities because you chose to go commando.

And those are just some of the benefits of wearing underwear. There are more practical and economic reasons. Wearing underwear saves you from washing your clothes often because it acts as the first protective layer that keeps sweat and body oils from staining your outer clothes—hence you don’t need to wash them everyday; saving you time and money. But yeah, you still have to wash and replace your undies daily for obvious reasons.

Men need underwear; we have established that without a shadow of a doubt. Now the next logical step is to find the best brands out there. Those that give you value for your money. So what are the criteria for choosing an underwear brand that suits you the best?

For us they are style, comfort and price. But the last criterion is quite tricky because not all expensive brands are great and not all inexpensive ones have inferior quality. Below are three of our favorite underwear brands in the market today that we think have met the criteria that we carefully set for underwear brands (in no particular order).

  1. Tommy John

With a slogan that reads: “A man’s under layers shouldn’t be stuck in the past. Or anywhere else.” This brand has made a name for itself by designing and crafting underwear that is innovative and stylish. This brand is for the modern man of today—driven and always on the go. It boasts form-fitting underwear that is made from high quality fabric which as per the website, ‘Keeps everything in place whichever way a man moves.” And it does and then some as it offers some of the most competitive prices in the market today. It’s stylish, innovative and reasonably priced, what’s not to like really?


  1. Mack Weldon

With its smart design, exceptional fabrics and straightforward shopping options, Mack Weldon is some of the best underwear brands out there in our humble opinion. It’s style, innovation and comfort all rolled into one. The materials are made from the finest cotton with natural fibers so the products are durable but still feel great on the skin. Perhaps Mack Weldon’s best feature is its ‘Try on Guarantee’ option. If you purchased underwear and it doesn’t fit you right, they’ll send you another size, style or issue a refund. It’s a great feature because sometimes, you’ll never know for sure if the underwear really fits you until you try it on. Which just goes to show that this brand value their customers more than anything else.


  1. Saxx

It’s the underwear for sporty and adventurous men. Saxx underwear has patented internal mesh panels and ergonomically designed front pouch that prevent unnecessary friction and give you a lot of room to move freely and effortlessly. Whether you’re doing some physically demanding activities, playing competitive sport, out in the cold or just having fun under the sun, Saxx has an underwear design for you as every product is built for high performance and high output endurance activities as well as specifically engineered to give warmth as soon as the temperature drops and dry as soon as it rises. It’s quite simply one of the most if not the most comfortable and high-performance underwear brand out there.


So there you go, three of our favorite underwear brands. There are a lot out there but I guarantee you, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand that’s better than these three as far as performance, functionality and pricing are concerned. Feel free to look for a product that strikes your fancy but why go through all the trouble of sifting through mediocrity and mind-numbing assortment when we already done that for you. We know your time is valuable that’s why we made this list. We are definitely looking out for you because going commando is never an option.

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